Thursday, September 02, 2004

New Stuff

I reverted back to my new "clean" look. The other template was nice but I feel it didn't fit my personality.
I added a few stuff here like the FILIPINA link and Random Bible Verses. I got these two links from Her Story... I would love to have a blinkie for my blog but I'm not sure if it fits me since my friends all know I'm not girly-girl and I'm not sugar and spice and all things nice, well not at my age. Her blog reminds me of Papelemroti.
The Daily Zeitgeist I've had for a week now. I just want to incorporate pictures into my blog without posting each and every picture I have. The idea of having a photo album here that cycles through my collection of photos. It's dynamic! I chose MyShoutBox for my blog because it's not popular yet and the feature that they offer are not bad. The only problem with this is the colors and design of the box, one would have to choose from a selection themes which can't be tweaked that much. Good thing I don't have a problem with the color selection.
I'm not sure if I should add Chona in the City to my list of favorites here. I like the writer's style. Reading the blog is like watching Candy Pangilinan, I don't know why.

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