Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Name FIONA

I hope this works today. I've been trying to post my entry since yesterday morning but I couldn't publish this one.
Someone made an Anonymous comment about my name. Here is the story behind my name:
Fiona - From Gaelic fionn, "white". This is according to THE READER'S DIGEST ENCYCLOPAEDIC DICTIONARY.
When my Mom was pregnant with me she read a novel that had a character there named Fiona. That's how she discovered my name. But she can't remember the title of that book. Heeheehee.
Fiona, a 3-syllable girl's name of Gaelic origin, means: Fair-complexioned.
Fiona's ethnic backgrounds include Irish and English/Welsh. This is from ivillage's Baby Name Finder.
Am I the epitome of my name? In a way, yes. I don't look like your average Filipina. Most Filipinas are morena(mixed blood/race on the darker side) but it seems more and more Filipinas are getting fairer. I have Ilocano blood and Ilocanos are know to have dark brown skin, I don't. My Dad has brown skin, my Mom isn't really as fair as I am. I take after my maternal grandmother who has Chinese-Spanish blood. She is what we call mestiza(having mixed blood/race on the fairer side). When I was born I had light brown hair and I was very, very fair. I looked so delicate. But that was then... I wish I hadn't grown up!
Btw, Fionski is a petname or nickname given to me by my friends in college, my UPGEClub orgmates.
Thanks for the compliment Anonymous person.


Anonymous said...

Since the first time I stumbled on your blog here I've always been fascinated by your name, so I want to thank you for taking the time.

"I wish I hadn't grown up!" By your photos, I see nothing wrong with you now :)

fionski said...

It's nice to interact with the people who also take time to read my blog. Everything becomes a little more personal. =)
Nothing wrong w/ me eh? I have 2 words for you: photo enhancement.
Thanks to computer technology.