Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Astral Projection or Sign of Impending Doom?

At around 6:30 PM, I stood up from my table and left what I was doing just to check my messages. I saw 2 new messages and as I was about to open one, our maid gave me a missed call. I thought she had an urgent request to make so I checked her message first. She said something like: "Ate akala ko ba aalis ka, nandito ka lang pala. Ano gusto mo lutin ko for dinner?" I found her message strange so I immediately called up the house. As soon as she realized that she was talking to me, she was surprised. She found it weird I was calling her at home when I was at home. I told her I left for work at 2:40PM so I can't be at home right now. "Huuuuu! Si ate naman niloloko ako. Nakita lang kita kanina kumuha ng tubig tapos umakyat ka na sa kuwarto mo eh. San ka ba talaga?" I insisted I was at work. She freaked out. "Ate nakita kita ngayon ngayon lang kaya ng ako nag text sa iyo. Naka puting t-shirt ka, kumuha ka pa nga ng tubig tapos umakyat ka eh! Wag mo akong bibiruin ng ganyan. Kinikilabutan ako!" I told her that she was probably dreaming, namamalik mata lang sya or that she saw me earlier but thought it was later. I got goosebumps while I was talking to her. "Hindi puwedeng kanina pa yon. Pagkakita ko sa iyo nag text agad ako at nag miss call para makapagluto na ako eh. Naku ate, mag iingat ka sa pag uwi mo! Kinikilabutan ako!" So I told her to open all the lights in the house and then stay at my aunt's place till someone arrives. I arrived home around 10:30 PM, she was awakened by the noises I was making in the kitchen. She went out and when she saw me I told her, "Ako talaga ito, hindi multo." She gave a nervouse laugh and told me exactly what happened. She described the same clothes I was wearing. Althought she ironed my shirt that morning, she didnt see me leave the house and see me in the exact same clothes when I left. She said that she saw me take my drink from the fridge then turned to leave the kitchen then went upstairs to my room. She even heard my footfalls. I told her she probably saw her tita who just passed away and she even went to the lamay that night kaya puyat sya and seeing things. She said it wasnt her tita she saw, she had enough sleep in the afternoon and it had been hours after she woke up when she saw me. I asked her if she saw me at the corner of her eye, she said she turned to look at me and she saw me but she didnt see my face.
This morning, I went to visit my aunt who lives next door. She told me at once that some 2 weeks ago she saw me, at around 7-7:30 AM having breakfast in the kitchen. Then she went out with her daughter and she also saw me in the living room going towards the altar. She was able to see me through the windows kasi walang kurtina sa buong bahay, general cleaning kasi. She kinda shouted at me saying, "Bukas pa ang ilaw nyo dito sa harap," so I would turn off the night light outside. She found it strange that I didnt respond to her or acknowledge her. A few minuntes later she saw that our light was still on. She thought that maybe I didnt hear what she said. She brushed this off as nothing. She only realized now how strange it was that it seemed I was in 2 places at the same time and that I didn't acknowledge her comment. She said got goosebumps as she the maid told her the story and kinda got some weird feeling that this happened 2 times already, "Bakit ikaw?" she asked. I said "Baka malapit na akong mamatay?" to which her respose was , "Oo nga!" I laughed because she seems convinced that these were signs that something bad was going to happen to me.
Prayers, mass offering, incense burning are some of the "tips" concerned people gave me to avert whatever bad thing's supposed to happen to me. Nakakatamad hehehe. I guess if it's my time to go then it's my time to go.

Advance goodbye to everyone, till next lifetime?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Boracay Sunset

Boracay Sunset
Originally uploaded by fionski.

Good thing I was able to catch the Boracay sunset. The sun was setting quite fast.

The sunset is almost gone...

Very quiet.
Very calm.
Very serene.
The sunset here signifies the end of summer and start of the rainy season, start of school...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Woman's Prayer

Prayer, originally uploaded by fionski.

For all the ladies in the house. I'm sure you will like this. Got this from Au.