Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Popular Pinay Pornstar!

I watched Pinoy Meets World on GMA7 the other night. Miriam Quiambao featured Pinoys in the West Coast. One Filipino that was featured that really caught my attention was a popular Asian porn star, Mimi Miyagi.

Mimi Miyagi is actually Melody Damayo, born in Davao but grew up in California. She openly admitted on international tv (ehem) that she's not ashamed to admit what she does and who she is. She said that there are some Pinays in the porn industry but won't admit what they do for obvious reasons. Mimi said that in college, she had to get into this job for financial reasons and being a porn star helped her pay for her college tuition. Her family and relatives condemned her for her choice of work. Most of her relatives are either doctors, nurses, physical therapists, she called these occupations as Filipino occupations (hehehe) but she didn't want any typical occupation for herself. Apparently, she's not like anyone else or everyone else.

Watching her express herself that way makes me think that she's very smart and knows what she's doing. She looks clean and healthy, so I would think she's no junkie. She said that her daughter knows what she does and she's hoping her kid won't go into the same business as she has. Mimi said that's the reason why she's working very hard to provide her daughter with a better future financially so she wouldn't have to go into the porn industry herself.

She does all kinds of crazy things to get attention. She is running for office in Nevada as Governor. A Pinoy porn star governor of a US state? She's truly 100% Pinoy! Hehehe!

She even has a Wikipedia entry!

Miyagi was born in Davao City, the Philippines on July 3, 1973, the second of four children to immigrant parents Mike Ariesgado and Luz Damayo. As a child, Mimi was something of a prodigy. She spent her childhood studying piano and dreaming of
becoming an Olympic gymnast.
She returned to LA just before her 18th birthday with a little over $1,000 to her name. Within a month, she'd run out of money and begun looking for jobs. She met with little success until she reached the age of consent.
Adult film career
Mimi came across an ad looking for nude models and answered it, thus beginning her rise in the adult film industry. Even though Mimi was always the least paid actress on the set, she continued knocking on studio producers doors. By this time she was becoming quite popular for her abilities to take well-endowed men during ... (text removed due to explicit words hehehe) scenes. She was also building a fan base due to her lesbian scenes. Mimi also had several surgeries to increase her natural "B" cup breasts to "DD" size.

Behind the scene of Pinoy Meets World interview.

To see clips of her videos, go to her website. She even has a blog.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Stress according to Wikipedia:

In medical terms, stress is a physical or psychological stimulus that can produce mental or physiological reactions that may lead to illness.Technically speaking, stress is a disruption of homeostasis, which may be triggered by alarming experiences, either real or imaginary.[1][2]

Distress is the most commonly-referred to type of stress, having negative implications, whereas eustress is a positive, desirable form of stress. Both can be equally taxing on the body, and are cumulative in nature.
I've going through a lot of stressful situations lately, both positive and negative. Even the positive changes in my life are causing negative efffects on my body. I hope I survive with minimal damage to my system.

I need the change because my sub conscious has already warned me of the possible effects of homeostasis, and of not helping myself first before I help others.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Attention graduating high school students!!

A friend asked me to post this. Someone out there might be interested.


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Just call us for details. Kindly pass this post if you guys have the time.
Thanks! God bless

Friday, March 09, 2007


I brought my nephew to the hospital last Wednesday. Kakapagod. He will be out Saturday, hopefully.
A lot of changes have happened in the past month. Nasisira na naman diskarte ko. Whew!
I need to put myself, my plans back on track.