Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pang Tipid, Pang Negosyo!

Consumer Items

  • 1Kg Powder laundry detergent 44.00
  • 250 ML Dishwashing liquid 27.00
  • 250 ML Liquid hand soap 27.00
  • 250 ML Fabric softener 27.00


  • Oven toaster 7L. 634.00
  • Double burner Gas stove 678.00
  • Pressure cooker 4QT. 55800
  • Blender 1.5L 700.00
  • Rice cooker 1.5L steamer 624.00
  • Box fan 595.00

Marami pang iba. For those interested, you may email me fionski at gmail dat cum, send me your name and contact info, I'll tell you where to buy these goods directly. I think meron din per gallon ng mga ibang items, isang galong blender hehehe.


Ay sorry po, I posted the members only prices hehehe. This is the retail price, yung dati pang wholesalers nalagay ko. Sa mga interesado puwede kayo mag wholesale just send me an email.