Sunday, September 12, 2004

More Blogs to Read

I enjoy reading other people's blogs. After I submit my post, I check out updated blogs. I would click on the blogs with titles that would catch my fancy. Most of the time I would come across pinoy blogs just by following links. I discovered through blogger's recently updated blogs section Huseng Busabos' blog. Through his blog I stumbled upon Tanggero's and Kiwipinay's blogs. Good thing I tagged Kiwipinay's box, she recoginzed my last name and my sister from the pics from my flickr box. Kiwipinay and my sister were members of this beeper/pager group that conducted medical missions in urban poor areas. This was back in the 90's when the usong cellphone looked like an apache case (attache case). The more stylish, more uso phones then were those that looked like metal detectors used by sikyos in malls, and the phones were probably even bulkier because if your hand was as small as mine, you would have to use both hands to hold the phone upright. And you would have to screw on the antenna to use it.
But I digress.
It's nice to encounter people from your past, people who happen know someone you know. Small world (the small world phenomenon is the theory that everyone in the world can be reached through a short chain of social acquaintances) talaga. Parang six degress of separation (six degrees of separation is a phrase deriving from the small world experiment referring to the concept that everyone is connected to everyone else in the world by only six degrees of separation, or six sets of acquaintances).


Anonymous said...

I have encountered total strangers before only to find out later, after becoming familiar with each other, that we have a common friend or a friend of a friend is a friend to a friend of their friend or something like that hehehe kind of confusing and the same goes with long lost relatives. It is indeed a small world.

fionski said...

Hmmm.. Your 2nd comment didn't appear. Aww! I guess you won't get anything from my parents then. Hehehe!

Tanggero said...

mukhang may nagkakamabutihan dito ah...hmmmm! naku! erase ko na kaya blog ko, baka mahanap ako ng mga pinagkaka-utangan ko....hehehe

fionski said...

Tanggero aga aga may bangenge ka na naman! Hehehe!