Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Love? Really?

I don't get it. How can some men, esp. Filipino men, say "I love you," to women they hardly even know. Or they say those words to a lot of women, seems like they are inlove with a lot of these women. Do mean equate love with anything they feel at that moment whether it's lust, or elation, or rush of adrenaline, or even jock itch? Do these men really know what love means or how true love really feels?
Mga babae naman tanga. Just because a guy says he loves her naniniwala naman agad. Are women esp. Filipinas so gullible? Why do we tend to easily forgive the person who did us wrong and take him back into our arms, knowing that he would hurt as again? Hay naku! Having a broken heart isn't a walk in the park. It hurts like hell!
I am currently reading By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept by Paulo Coelho. I thought this book would be something inspirational in the spiritual sense. So far to me it's like a romantic love story with a metaphysical twist. My friend Paul told me to read signs. Sometimes the universe shows us signs on what to do. Something like synchronicity. Maybe this book is a sign.
Oh boy! I'm so screwed in the head. I'm not making any sense.


Anonymous said...

I could think of a couple of reasons why a guy would say those words to a woman he hardly knows. One, he's pressuring the woman into a relationship. Two, he's confusing lust with love. I'm pretty sure there are more reasons out there. It seems we(guys) have a tendency to play fast and loose with words, especially with the words "I love you", which creates bad situations later on when we find out it's not really how we feel. And I think you're right on, mga Pinoy ang madalas guilty sa sinasabi mo. At dito sa US may difference sa courtship between a man and a woman.

As to Filipinas being gullible, I could not make a comment on that. I think it is a question best left for women to answer.

Is that book you're reading a good read? Is it something you would recommend to anyone?

Tanggero said...

Can I ask: Is this blog 'bout yourself? If yes,
Take a deep breath and ask yourself, do I love him too?

Decide for yourself and don't rely on signs. It's better to be hurt because of your decision than of stupid signs. Just a comment, PEACE! HIK!

L. Harold Heindell Tejada said...

someone once asked me, "if you really love me, why cant you say it?"
i reasoned out that "i love you" is my most overused phrase to get a girl... and it works most of the time...