Monday, September 27, 2004

The Barkada.
He wasn't able to finish this one. Lagi kaming hindi nabubuo sa HQ namin(one of our barkada's condo where we hang out), ako lagi absent. Tapos nadagdagan kami, hindi kami kasya sa frame, kelangan ng extension, esp with Teri in the picture. Hehehe. Buti na lang hindi nagbabasa ng blog si Teri! But the biggest reason why he can't finish this is because of our away-bati relationship. If you notice here, blurry ang pic ko kasi naka ilang beses niyang inerase ang mukha ko. Natapos niya lahat ako lang hindi. He never got to finish this paano nag away kami after this. Haaayy!
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Anonymous said...

kailangan magbati na para matapos

fionski said...

Sorry Anonymous but you have to register to be able to post a comment. I appreciate the fact that you take time to read my blogs but you have to understand that I don't have any idea who you are, I expose myself here and I don't think it's fair.