Sunday, October 24, 2004

Welcome to the World Jea!

Originally uploaded by fionski.
This is Jea, my cousin Zoom's baby. She looks very much like her Daddy Johnny. Sarap ng may baby, ang bango-bango kahit nag-uu pa! Hmmmmmmm!

Juani's eyes, Zoomie's nose and mouth
Originally uploaded by fionski.


Anonymous said...

awwww isn't she cute, just :)

Cerridwen said...

wonder how anonymous knew youa re cute ate fions? hehehehe Im not contesting you are, im just curious...esp i guess all the way from the north.

what do you call those yellowish baby? they ahve a name for that... i can't remember...anyway, she is one bundle of cuteness!

fionski said...

what do you call those yellowish baby? they ahve a name for that... i can't remember...
# posted by Cerridwen : 10/24/2004 08:27:30 AM
I think they are called yellowish babies? Hehehe. The condition is called physiological jaundice, I think. Some babies have this when they are born and to get rid of the jaundice is to let the baby have early morning sunlight. Old wive's tale but it's true pala. awwww isn't she cute, just :)
# posted by Anonymous : 10/24/2004 08:02:55 AM
Oonga Anony, I'm cute meaning Garfield cute? How d'ya know I look like Garfield: short, fat and obnoxious?

DigiscrapMom said...

Bakit kaya ang mga babies magkakamukha pagkapanganak? Naalala ko lang bigla kasi yung hitsura ni Basti nung pinanganak ko sya. Hihihihi! :D

Babies are darlings! Jea's another angel sent from heaven. :D Cutie baby!

Anonymous said...

Your pics here on your blogger tell me that you are, that's how I know :)

fionski said...

And why are you still using Anonymous?

HanAgiRL said...

cute baby! kakagigil :)