Saturday, October 02, 2004

Special mention lang sa iba pang bloggers na kilala ko na nasa abroad din:
Harold who is in Bharain. My oldest and dearest friend. I get a lot of technical help from him. He's like a brother to me.
KiwiPinay in NZ - if you've been following her blog you will she what she's been through lately. I read BongK's comment how hard it must have been for Kiwipinay to go through her ordeal alone. I know the feeling, I went through a similar process. Di ko na masyadong binabasa blog niya kasi nagiging emotional ako hehehe.
Cerridwen from the US - even though she's lived all her life abroad, her heart is very much Pinoy. I admire her.
Sandro from Qatar - a total stranger who gave me my gmail kas I begged for days till he finally got tired of my pangugulit and gave me my invite. Thanks fafa Sandro.

Look at what I just stumbled upon:
By now, I had been living here in San Francisco for more than 5 months already, having arrived here last April 17, 2004. It was a sad and painful departure from Manila which has now turned into a long, long road towards adjustment and stability. It hasn't been easy. The daily struggle has been tough. It is never easy to uproot and move to a new country where you are nearly alone, save for relatives and a few friends. But to leave everything you have been accustomed to, that is one of the hardest things in life. To leave Manila, that was one of the hardest choices I had to make. It wasn't a happy choice, definitely. But I feel it is a logical choice, given the opportunity.


Cerridwen said...

I just finished a chat with you and here you are going to make me sentimental with your post. To be admired by a person like you is ovewhelming. It takes some doing...

It is true that the adjustment living in another place, especially with a different culture far from what you were raised is hard. You set your need aside for your family,love ones and future. You dream that one day you will be able to go back and savor what you are missing.

As my sister always say, the "sinigang" is still better in the Philippines. You make do with what you have around your new environment to be closer to what you left behind but still - there is no place like home.

To those who sacrifice their need for their family's future & to better themselves - my admiration goes for you!

fionski said...

Nakss! Baka mag iyakan na naman tayo Cerridwen! Hehehe!