Friday, October 01, 2004


Had to delete the pic here kasi I fear that the pic could be "stolen" from my site and passed around in other sites. Nakakawa naman friend ko, baka someone might steal her body and put another face to it. Hehehe. Picpic ko na lang, gusto niyo?

Btw Cerridwen, I don't think I'm meant to buy the cell. A lot of unexpected expenses came up. I have a part time job offer but I don't think I'm inclined to take it. Telemarketing, ugh!
Tanggers, nakita mo ba yung URL na ni-post ko sa blog mo? Yun yata yung dalawang babaeng nakita mo sa pool sa dream mo eh.

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Cerridwen said...

well, maybe later ate fions...I guess you are smart to think and ponder first before buying not like others *eherm* doing that impulse buying. If you wait a few before buying, it decides for you if you really should or not..look at what happened to you...unexpected expenses - good thing you haven't paid for it yet...pat on the back for you ate fions!