Friday, October 08, 2004

Our Enchanted Experience

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I've been wanting to post the picture of our Enchanted Kingdom trip. Ang saya-saya! The kids had so much fun that they want to go back there. I'm glad nag enjoy sila. That was our way of making up for our pagkukulang for the kids. Di bale mauulit pa naman ito.
Log Jam with Renmund, Jed, Krista and Bianca.

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I'm here with Jed and Renmund(the kid infront). This is the Jungle Log Jam ride. All smiles kaming lahat. We were not aware there was a camera taking a pic. Harang, laki ng bayad kuha. This is the kids' second ride. The next day my face was red, sunkissed ako(not sunburned). Tisay eh! Nyahahaha!

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This is the Rio Grande ride. Complete kami dito. Masaya ito kasi the ride is kinda rough and everybody gets wet. 2 kids cried during the ride, Irvin(bald kid) and Krista(small girl). We wanted a second ride but Irvin cried and wanted to stay behind, so his Dad had to stay behind with him. We all look like wet chicks here (basang sisw). Hehehe!


PS. Got this from Hanagirl's blog. This is how evil I am. Bwahahahaha!
I am 42% evil.

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I could go either way. I have sinned quite a bit but I still have a bit of room for error. My life is a tug of war between good and evil.
Are you evil?


Anonymous said...

You still look like an angel though

fionski said...

I look like an angel? A fallen angel? Hehehe.