Saturday, August 21, 2004

This Song is for my Mom

My Mom just called. Dad's at her place and having brunch.
Earlier I sent her a text msg asking her how Dad is. She said she's still looking for my Dad's itinerary and can't find it. I had to send her the details via SMS. Then after about an hour I got 2 msgs from her. She said she doesn't know the carrier# of my Dad, she won't find him if she doesn't have the details. She seemed rattled due to the excitement, nagulo ang buhok ng mudra!
Kanina when she called, I could hear happiness in her voice. I could just picture her smiling, with puppy dog eyes looking at my Dad while he stuffs himself with bread and whatever's being served. HP na Nanay ko! So the song is for my Mom.
Bear with me.

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