Thursday, August 19, 2004

Last Chance

Last Chance

I'm so tired. I have forgotten how stress can be physically taxing. Any kind of stress, whether is postive stress or negative stress, can do things to your body.
My head is aching, my eyes are heavy. I feel like I've cried for 3 hours last night.
What's causing my stress? A lot! My Dad is leaving today for the US so we are all anxious. Then there's school which I'm going to flunk (btw, I keep saying this, it just might happen!). plus my personal life. Oops, I nearly forgot, the household budget. It's so hard to manage the my finances, let alone this entire household!
I need a long, relaxing massage. I also need a drink...


L. Harold Heindell Tejada said...

...and a hug...and a kiss :D

fionski said...

Uyyy... Kiss mo ako? Yoko nga, di ko alam san galing lips mo eh. Hug na lang. Hehehe.