Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Ang init ng ulo ko!! Ang daming KSP nakakalat sa paligid ko!!

First off:
This guy who is so mayabang, would always brag that he would buy all his friends gifts and send them here to the Philippines. He announced in the chatroom that his package for everyone has arrived and that I should get in touch with this girl who received it for us. Right after he said that she left. Then he asked me if I could just contact her and if I know her number. I told him that I'm not sure if the number that I have is hers. Then he started bitching that he's the only one who knows the numbers of the girls there. Give me a break!! In the first place I don't chat as often as he does and I don't see her online, she is always parked but she's away from her keyboard. Second, if she has the package then she should be the one to get in touch with me. I don't want her to think kinukulit ko sya over the package. And if that was her we saw online, then why did she leave the chatroom right after he mentioned the package in the main room? Makes me think there's something wrong here! What I don't like about this guy is that he wants to show everyone that he's cool and he's popular and he's well liked. WAKE UP KNUCLEHEAD!! You may have lots of money, have lots of nice clothes and the latest hardware for your PC but YOU CAN NEVER BUY FRIENDSHIP!!

Next pet peeve for today.
I usually leave my PC online overnight but I always change my YM status message as ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz (sleeping or tulog na or gnite world) so everyone on my list would not PM me unless it's very important. My goodness! A "friend" of mine went online and sent me this at 4AM:

friend (4:08:23 AM): hi
friend (4:08:27 AM): sleeping
friend (4:08:39 AM): k
friend (4:08:48 AM): sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite..

He had to wake me up just to check if I'm already sleeping???? Was he trying to be funny or he's just plain stupid????

Last but not the least pet peeve for today.
Everytime this girl sees me come into the room she greets me. Nothing bad about that. But it has come to a point that even if I'm AFK or BRB she would send me notices. One time she asked me how to upload an avatar (for someone who is into IT stuff you don't know how to do that?). So being the nice and helpful ATE, I went to the site. I told her where exactly in the website she can change her profile and upload her avatar. To my surprise she told me that she wasn't in the site so she can't do it that moment. WTF?!?! Why would even ask me in the first place?? She knew I was going to log on to the site just so I could assist her. Then yesterday she kept sending me notice messages that she's got her on blog. She kept on bugging me about it. When I asked her what the URL of her blog is she couldn't give it to me. She is some freak!! This time, I've been quiet on my YM, she sends me messages, 10 stupid lines that don't mean anything!!! She pasted to me lyrics of a song!! Why do I care if she knows the song or not?! That's the last KSP thing she's gonna do to me!! If at 1 or 2 messages and I don't respond to you even if my status is available then stop sending me messages!! I could be away or I could be busy doing something that very moment!!

My goodness!! Don't these people have any sense of propriety??? My parents would always tell me not to speak unless you are spoken (to), didn't their parents teach them this? Just because someone is online doesn't mean you can just talk to this person. Don't they know the meaning of "personal space"? You have invaded my personal space by assuming you can just talk to me anytime!! Do I talk to you anytime? Do I talk to you unless I ask for your permission? Have the common sense to know when to talk to this person. Have the simple courtesy of asking if he/she is busy before you start yapping!!
Stop being KSP please!! GET A LIFE!!!


Anonymous said...

PMS? patience is short around those days.... why help or extend a good gesture when at the end it will bother you?

fionski said...
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fionski said...
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fionski said...
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fionski said...

I can't believe even my browser is giving me a hard time tonight! *sigh*
I hope you read the entire entry. This isn't about me being unhappy that I helped someone or that I help people. This is about how some persons can use you to get the attention they need, better yet demand attention from others. If you noticed I mentioned here 3 people and only 1 I helped and I wasn't even complaining that I helped her, I was complaining that she kept talking to me and doing things to catch my attention.
Hmmm... Were you projecting something? *wink*

L. Harold Heindell Tejada said...

ang mga wrinkles ~~~ ;)

fionski said...

Ayyy! Oonga! Makapagpa banat nga ng skin bukas! Thanks for reminding me. Hehehe!

DigiscrapMom said...

I hope you're feeling better now. Tama ang sabi ni Harold, ang wrinkles!!!! Ang pretty-pretty mo pa naman! :) *hugs*