Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sex is a popular topic

Whenever I check my site stats courtesy of, I see that most of the hits I get come from Philippines 4 Men website. The next most significant referers would be Google and BasangPanaginip.

It is understandable why I get a lot of hits coming from Philippines 4 Men and BasangPanaginip, the readers of these blogs probably think I'm sexy or I have a lot of topics on sex on my blog. I guess they must be disappointed. Hehehe.

What is kinda remarkable is the hits I get from Google. When I check the search strings, most would be about "pinay porn star" or anything sex related. Churky!

Sex really sells huh? Even a friend of mine asked me to write something about sex again. I want to but I haven't been in the right frame of mind for quite sometime. I have lots of stories to share but I still have to find the right words for my story.

I am thinking of making 2 more series of Sex and Consequence and something about a male sex worker.

O devah! Ideas pa lang exciting na!

I think I need to change my template/skin once again kasi di na bagay ang current theme ko sa mga magiging topics ko. Hehehe.


Char said...

Hahaha. Sometimes I get hits from people googling "Fishball sauce". Go figure!

fionski said...

Wow Char! You have unique visitors! Hehehe.