Wednesday, September 26, 2007

For hire: Masseur for massage and more!

Some 10 or so years ago, my family was desperate for a masseur or a male masahista. I remembered seeing a few ads on Buy and Sell for a masahista. This was how we met our former visually challenged masahista Ferdie. When Ferdie became busy with his group, he stopped visiting us. Because of my family's dire need to find another masahista, I browsed through the ads again. I saw a whole bunch of ads saying the masseur is handsome, macho, mestizo, etc. I thought to myself, why would these men mention their looks when all they need to mention is the quality of the masahe or massage that they could give. I expected to see something like: Strong, certified masseur, knows reflexology, swedish and thai. I found 1 ad in 30 that had this kind of spiel kaso taga south naman.

Around 1999 0r 2000, I had come across a chatter whose nick mentioned that he's a masseur. He initiated a conversation with me. Being the curious cat that I am, syempre I asked a lot of questions till he eventually gave me his landline number so we could just continue the conversation over the phone.

Let's call this guy RC. He was respectful and seemed educated. He spoke good English and was a good conversationalist. To some women he probably sounded macho or sexy but I didn't like his voice, it came across as "modulated". RC said that his service costs P1,000. Huwaaat?! I told him his price is steep for a friggin' massage. So he mentioned is qualifications to justify is price:

1. He is tall - as if his height would make a difference.

2. He is tisoy - ahh... ok...

3. He is smart and speaks well - I guess he would need talk about the economic situation of the Philippines while massaging his client.

4. He's well hung - Huh?

5. He gives great oral sex - Whoaaaaaaa!!

His list of qualifications floored me. I asked him if he's a man-whore, he said he isn't. He said really gives good massages and cunnilingus would just be an option.

To be continued!

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Austin Pinoy said...


fionski said...

Aba! Bumisita rin si pogi! Hehehe.

Austin Pinoy said...

bumibisita naman ako lagi eh :) nasa homepage ko ito :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I remembered when we were in college. A lady orgmate jokingly asked the group comedian to give her a massage. The funny guy replied that he charges a professional fee. Asked how much, his reply was, "Kung walang malisya = P500. Pag may malisya = P1. (without malice it's P500, with malice, I bill only P1.)" Hehehehe!

Sidney said...

For all of this... 1000 pesos is Ok, no?

fionski said...

JC well if your friend is poor after all the massages then he must be malisyoso. Hehehe.

Hey Sidney! P1000 is not bad but there's more! What's your blog URL?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I get a full body massage without having to worry about additional charges. LOL! Anyway, I'll be waiting for the continuation. Interesting ito - as always. Hihihihi!

An said...

this is interesting... i want to try pa naman sana a KamaSutra massage.. baka ganito ang service nun ah.. the massage clinic charges 450 only. :-) post mo na, ate fionski! hehehe

L. Harold Heindell Tejada said...

ayos to..
cant wait for the continuation
naiimagine ko na

cathy said...

haha! interesting post!
pero nakakatakot naman to... pag magpapa home massage ako sa girl nalang para safe.. hehe

continuation pls? =)

fionski said...

To An, MommyBa (Liz), Harold, Cathycardia: thanks for dropping by.

I'll be posting the continuation soon.

Anonymous said...

Ate fions. Tagal naman ng kasunod!!! hehehe.