Saturday, September 22, 2007


I am so stressed and confused that I have nodules in/around my neck that would not go away! I have had this sore throat that bothers me on and off.

Ayaw ko na mag call center. I would rather be a janitress and clean an entire building right now. It's not that working for a call center is bad or not good enough for me, it's just that I would rather do manual labor right now and not use my brain anymore, or what's left of it. Hehehe.


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Anonymous said...

hehehehe you are right, we should primarily use our brains for our own, its not easy to think you know, i sometimes wish i could just be a house boy, with the amount of thinking i do at work, i don't think im paid well for it

you are the first person i have coem across, online and offline, that actually thinks manual labor is better than just sitting around as you work :)