Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I'm Disappointed!

I can't believe how some people, especially women, allow others to walk all over them. I have a dear friend who lets her BF treat her like shit. She tried to break up with him pero siya rin ang nagmamakaawang bumalik, with matching apologies pa! Ilang beses na syang niloko, pinaglararuan at sinabihang ayaw na sya at ilang beses na nakipag break sa kanya, she would still ask him back! Where is your self esteem?!?!
Hindi ko napigilan sarili ko to say nasty words to her, paano para syang tanga!! I've gone through being tanga for love but she breaks every known record for katangahan! ARGH! Natatawa pa sya when she said nahihiya sya sa sarili nya then I told her wala ka naman hiya sa sarili mo kasi wala lang self respect. At ang gaga umoo! Punyeta talaga. Hehehe.
Some people have no sense of self worth. I've been through bad relationships but I knew when it was time to leave. I'm a very giving, loving and patient partner but I know when too much is too much. Maybe this is the reason why I'm still single, I won't settle for less, I won't let a man walk all over me.
Hay buhay!


Cerridwen said...

Sometimes ate fions, it takes time before they get a rude awakening. This is why the phrase "Love is blind" became popular. When a person fails to see what people on the outside clearly see. Some people are strong and able to maintain their self dignity and some will lose it all for their "love".

Mec said...


words won't break them

but being the epitome of woman empowered might...

and pointing out healthy relationships to her might

ako din, nagsawa na sa ganyan sa iba kong friends... but like what i'm able to accept now... it was their choice, it was their decision

i can only pray

and help them pick up the pieces when they do come around

Anonymous said...

Kawawa naman yan friend mo. She deserves better

fionski said...

To Cerridwen, MEC and Anonymouse:
Ganon talaga, you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. I just hope she can bear the consequences of her actions.

Anonymous said...

its sad that there are still women who allow other people to make doormats outta them...