Thursday, December 23, 2004

Flirting and Teasing

If Mari has flirting signals and Cerridwen has flirting in a relationship, this one is flirting online. It's fun to flirt especially when the person you're flirting with knows how to respond and respond well.

Predator> do u need a gardener?
BaBae38> depends
BaBae38> what kind of garden are you talking about?
Predator> oh...all kinds
Predator> im handy
BaBae38> you're in hawaii
BaBae38> you would charge in $$$
BaBae38> cant afford you
Predator> it's free
BaBae38> really?
Predator> i just need some snacks
BaBae38> sure
Predator> and drinks i guess
BaBae38> hahahaha of course
BaBae38> my garden is special
BaBae38> it hasn't been watered in a long time
Predator> i will tend to it well
Predator> i will make sure it stays fresh
BaBae38> would you cut the weeds?
Predator> if u prefer
BaBae38> water my flower? plant your seed?
BaBae38> is your hose long?
Predator> hmm...about 7 inch long
Predator> but fat
BaBae38> that's not bad
BaBae38> most of the hoses i've seen are are a lot shorter than that
Predator> but it can gush like a geyser when handled properly
BaBae38> that's why my garden's been dry for a long time
Predator> i can make ur garden lush in no time
BaBae38> you might wreck my garden! hhahahha
Predator> ekk
Predator> hehehe...i doubt it
Predator> im gentle
BaBae38> at 7? that's big... to me at least
Predator> well then we can try half
BaBae38> see? my garden is small
BaBae38> can you be gentle?
Predator> of course
Predator> im sure ull have tears in ur eyes by the time we're done
BaBae38> really now?
BaBae38> can you guarantee that?
Predator> nope
BaBae38> aaww
Predator> it can happen though
Predator> ill just tend ur garden
BaBae38> hahahahaha
BaBae38> pull out the weeds
Predator> shave it all off
Predator> mow it down
BaBae38> ¤ Ha Ha Ha ¤
Predator> do an awesome landscape

Something like this can be stimulating and of course, fun! This reminds me of my friend and her European lover. One time he was on his way home and while driving he caller her.

Euro: I'm driving home right now.
Aya: What kind of a car do you have?
Euro: I have a Volvo.
Aya: You have a Volvo but I have a VULVA.

And they both cracked up then had phonesex later. Hehehe.
Humor and intelligence can be sexy. It's really all in the mind.


DigiscrapMom said...

I agree!!! :D

Cerridwen said...

as long as there will be no expectations, its a clean flirting and no one will be offended (e.g. gf/bf,husband/wife of either party) I find it stimulating and awesomely fun! (Im still at work ate fions hehehehe)

fionski said...

MommyBa and Cerridwen seem to know what I'm talking about. Si Arrow-N mukhang lost. Hehehe.

Nick Ballesteros said...

Funny! Nakaka-relate ako kahit paano. hehehe. MAligayang Pasko rin sa yo Ate Fionski!

Huseng Busabos said...

I can water a garden daily too! Ha, ha,ha,ha......
Merry Christmas!

HanAgiRL said...

that is so true :)

BongK said...

belated merry christmas, and a prosperous new year!

Anonymous said...

baka lost without you. hehehe just kidding