Monday, May 19, 2008

Who Am I?

I AM… Fiona aka Fionski,
Tagged by Mec delishyusness sexy mommy :)

I WANT... to lose weight, I want to be healthy.

I HAVE... the tools to improve myself, I just need to use them.

I WISH... I'd win the lotto, P100M, so I could help the people I care for.

I HATE... liars and cheats like Mark. Hehehe.

I FEAR... losing loved ones too.

I SEARCH... for the meaning of life, for some answers to my questions, for ways
of making this a better world to live.

I WONDER... if there is something wrong with me.

I REGRET... not having finished what I started when I was a teenager.

I LOVE... my nephews and nieces, myself.

I ALWAYS... make it a point to call my parents and my nephews once a week.

I AM NOT... religious but I'd like to think I am spiritual.

I DANCE... but this should be I used to dance, not anymore.

I SING... only when I'm drunk.

I CRY... when I realize that life is short and that I will eventually lose all
the people I love.

I WRITE... when I'm in the mood, when I have something to share.

I WON... a serving tray when I was in high school.

I AM CONFUSED... about life and death. Is there really life after death?

I NEED... to lose a lot of weight!

I SHOULD... exercise and eat right from now on.

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS... I hope I get enough sleep this time

I am tagging Gracie and Jomz.


Nyl said...

nakakatuwa ang tags..sometimes it reveals the inner us.

how are you girl? ingatz!

Anonymous said...

This is one post that I didn't read. the opening lines make me feel like a voyeur. :D

Keep on posting, Fionski. We miss those funny stories and witty deliveries.

By the way, the "quirkier" the BETTERER!