Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

I went through a terribly stressful week last week, I still feel the "aftershocks" till now.

Normally I would have bitched about it here, would have talked about the people who treated me poorly. I decided to put off blogging about it. Now, I have a totally different attitude. My exeprience gave me a different perspective of the people around me. My eyes are wide open now.

I just want to thank God or the Universe or any Higher Being. I received guidance from a Higher Source. It's kinda amusing how events unfolded. Feeling ko parang may nagsasabi sa akin kung ano nangyayari, like an unseen force telling me what to do and what is happening.

Anyway. I'd like to thank the people who visited and left a comforting words.
Senorito ako
JC (Comforting ba words mo? Hehehe)
Anonymous (multiple personality)
And the others, I can't seem to find their comments.

I will be blogging about quirky stuff soon, as requested by JC.


Nyl said...

waiting for your come back girl! you can rock!hehe! yes, there r lots of reason to be thankful for.

Keep goin'!

Anonymous said...

minsan we need to vent about happenings in our lives. it's a way for us to heal also. but then again, i know that it would really be much better if we take a look at things in a different perspective. just like what happened to you.

you're a strong person and i know that whatever it is you're going through right now will make you a better person.

*hugs* thanks for the inspiration.

Nick Ballesteros said...

Hello Ate Fionski! I have missed bloghopping due to work, di ko tuloy nasubaybayan ito...