Saturday, June 23, 2012

Please READ

When I was growing up my mother had her way of making me do or look for things. When I ask here where something is, she would tell me to look for it. After looking for 1 minute, I'd go back to her and ask her where it is, she would say, "Use your eyes, not your mouth for look." She did it a few times with me and I learned my lesson.

This has been my belief. I would try to figure out things first before asking for help. If I feel I have been given the tools and the skills and the resources, why not look for the solution to the problem, right?

Of course, it it's something I really don't know, I ask for help.

I noticed a lot of people who don't seem to know how to follow instructions or don't know how to read. I've posted a few want ads online and there's always someone who will ask me what to do when the instructions are shown clearly in my ads.


We are looking for workers, blah, blah, blah.
Requirements are la d ida...
If interested, send me a message through my Skype ID [[ my ID]] or send me an e-mail [[ my email address]].

I would get a comment like this:

Hi I'm interested. I have worked as blah blah and I have la di da. My Skype ID is [[something]]. 

Come on! Didn't I give my contact info? Do you expect me to contact you when there are others who have already submitted their requirements?

And there are those who, for some reason, need to be told what to do. I posted the link to my blog where the ad was posted. This is on Facebook. The content of the post didn't show on Facebook, just the link to the blog plus the heading Someone is looking for workers...

Someone posted a comment, "How do I apply?" I think it's pretty obvious that the natural thing to do is to follow the link.


Reminds me of this cartoon from Johnny Wander:

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