Saturday, November 05, 2011

Am I Still a Virgin??

A young chatmate asked me if a guy is still a virgin if someone has sucked his cock even if he hasn't had sex yet. He's a certified virgin and based on his stories, he would like to remain a virgin till he meets the right girl for him.

I've never really thought about this since girl ako.

Can someone help me with this?


JCS said...

Depends on which definition will be used. Bill Clinton, for instance, has his own definition of sexual intercourse. In his testimony during his own impeachment trial, he claims not to have sex with Monica if the definition of sex will be based on sex as defined by _______ (whatever). I myself, is a virgin every day, just before I wake up. What happens next will determine how many hours i'd remain a virgin before my next "deflowering". Hahaha!

fionski said...

JC how about the bekis who never used their birdie to penetrate a girl's pipi? So virgin sila?

And the lesbians who only get dila action?

You're so luck you get to devirginize yourself everyday! :p

Coleman said...

post na ulit... psst.