Monday, December 20, 2010

Lawmakers bid to Decriminalize Prostution

Yap et al have been reading my blog? I wish! Hehehehe.

Rep. Susan Yap (2nd District, Tarlac), principal author of House Bill 1706, said decriminalizing prostitution could be a new approach in addressing the problem.

"We should not view the prostitutes as the source of the problem of prostitution. We should instead run after those who lured them into this kind of business," Yap said.

Yap said the existing law also fails to address the criminal liability of exploiters such as recruiters, pimps, bar or brothel owners and customers who cause the prostitution.

"The measure seeks to help prostitutes by entitling them to government services like medical services, counseling, shelter and legal protection services," Yap said.

My point exactly! Good job! Hehehe.


JCS said...

Regulating the industry is a sound public policy. My problem however is in the implementation and enforcement.

I fear that the ladies and male gigolos - ME, will only end up being exploited more than ever.

fionski said...


JCS said...

Yep, take a look at our taxation problem. We are unable to collect most taxes and yet, we keep on creating new ones.

The VAT for example, used to be nonexistent. Then, the 10% VAT was created and was later on increased to the 12% EVAT.

The tax evaders continue to enjoy their lives while the poor people further suffers from high prices.

heff said...

your url is easy to remember but typing it without the "www" leads to an error page.

fionski said...

Hey heff. I have to look into this. I also noticed the same thing recently.