Monday, February 15, 2010

5 Reasons to have Sex

a Care2 favorite by Veronica Peterson

1. Sex boosts your immune system.
2. Sex burns calories.
3. Sex relieves pain.
4. Sex decreases aging.
5. Sex is great for depression.

The best kind of sex is the one you do with someone you love. There are more benefits to doing this with a loved one that doing it with a stranger or doing it alone. You know what I mean.


Heff said...

In one of Mario Puzo's Godfather novels, there is this famous actor who never fails to fall in love with his leading ladies. After the end of the project, he falls out of love and moves on to the next leading lady. That's probably why he remained healthy and handsome. He had sex with women that he loved. Think about it, we should perhaps fall in love each time.... :-)

fionski said...

Well, you can always have NSA sex if you want but according to Dr. Oz, making love is a lot better and have more benefits.

Heff, are you planning to fall in love often?

Coleman said...

I will neither confirm nor deny....