Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strange, Scary

A few minutes ago, I took out the trash to the gate so that it would be easy to take it to the basurero when they arrive. I did not notice our next door neighbor (I live in a compound) was looking out her 2nd floor window. As I turned to head back to the house, she called me.

"Fiona," I heard faintly. I turned and I saw her on the 2nd floor of her house. "Auntie," I acknowledge her presence. "Hindi ka ba natatakot na mag isa dyan sa bahay mo?" I smiled and responded, "Hindi po. Takot na po ang mga multo sa akin." We both laughed. But as I walked away, I wondered why she asked that question. I've been living in this house alone for more than 2 years now but she never mentioned anything like this to me. Then I remembered the tsismis I heard about her, people said she is a mangkuku***. No one can really say that she is one. She and her family are kinda strange. I thought maybe she sees something ordinary humans do not see? I wanted to rush back to the gate to ask her if she has seen or sensed something in my house but I was afraid I would offend her.

I am not psychic but there have been instances wherein I have sensed or seen something in this house: a radio dial turning and changing stations by itself, floating dresses, footfalls in my room when no one is there, etc. Last time I sensed something was late last year after my uncle died. I saw a shadow pass by me while I was in still in bed watching TV. It could have been my imagination.

Good luck to me.

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