Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Customer Service Everywhere

I went to Manila Central University (MCU) hospital last night because my blood pressure would not normalize and I was not able to get enough sleep the whole day.

I arrived at MCU siguro mga 11 PM na but was attended by the ER doctor around 12:30. He was not a gentle and personable doctor. Another doctor took his place, this doctor was a little gentler but was a bit on the condescending side when she spoke to me. She mentioned about giving me an ECG but because of the commotion inside the ER (may isang patient na talagang serious, his family thought he was dead), nakalimutan na ako ng mga doctors. I was given medication then that was it. No one remembered to take my blood pressure after taking the med.

Syempre nairita ako, I stood up asked the first doctor, "What am I waiting for?" Mukhang wala sya sa sarili nya, he just said "Huh?" Sinalo ng katabi nyang doctor and asked what the problem is. She checked on my chart then told me she will get my BP then decide what will happen next. Mabuti na lang maamo ang mukha nya and she was pleasant. Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng pag ngiti ng isang tao sa overall aura nya. She was not all smiles or grinning from ear to ear, in fact she was not smiling all the time but her eyes were smiling. She was pleasant to talk to, her manner was soothing and she was not condescending at all. Imbes na mairita pa akong lalo, I was glad she was the one who discharged me. I was pleased with her attitude and demeanor.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I would give her 9. I would give her 10 but then I am not exactly satisfied with the hospital services and utilities, she had to give me information I did not like exactly and her hair was a bit messy but she was still good. Her name is Dr. Javier of the ER. If anyone of you happen to drop by the ER of MCU, silipin nyo si Dr. Javier, one of the student doctors there. She is pretty, slim, long hair and puppy dog eyes. Hehehe.

Kanina I had to go to Mercury Drug to get my med. I went to the branch that was close to MCU, kahilera ng Yellow Cab. Yung clerk na natapatan ko was talking to a customer. He had an Ilonggo accent and kept addressing the customer as nanay or ma'am. I was suprised he did not take my "order" right after taking the nanay's order. Mukhang baguhan sya. Nakakatuwa sya kasi inspite of his slight nervousness he tried his best to be good at what he was doing and probably was following their company's customer facing procedure. Nung ako na kaharap niya, he would check first if the medicine that I asked was available. Kung available, he would proceed to ask me what else I need. Tapos for mefenamic acid, he asked me for a prescription. I said I was never asked for a prescription for mefenamic acid before then he said next time I should have one. He was not stern or condescending, he was nice and pleasant too. Yun lang I feel that he's still wet behind the ears and he did not know which medication were available or not or how they are spelled. Hehehe.

When I gave him my money, he said "I received P100." Parang Jollibee diba? Pati na nung binigay nya change ko, he said "Your change is ..." Aliw ako. Hehehe.

Right before I left the store, I checked if I had my prescription with me. I asked the prescription from him and he immediately looked for it. He returned it to me and was apologetic. I smiled and said it's ok. I was amused.

I would give Boyet, the Mecury clerk, 8. Apparently, he still need to get into the flow of things. His wants to give personalized service but this slows him down and some customers do not appreciate this. I like his style. He tried to cover all his bases and he was sincerely apologetic with his minor kapalpakan. I do not get to see his kind of customer servicing style from the other Mercury Drug clerks all over the Philippines. Not that I'm saying these clerks are bad, I think the clerks are ok naman, well some are ok and not all. It is kinda refreshing to see smiling and sincere clerks once in a while. Boyet is one of them. This is just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Javier?

Hmnn.. :-)

An said...

siguro dating counter crew si Boyet sa isang fastfood kaya nasanay na.. hehehehe..

grifter said...

beyond the medical staff ... i'd say, mag-ingat ka, Ate Fionski. i had the same incident myself with a superhigh BP and i didn't know it. so far, am still alive :-)

Unknown said...

tita fiona.. hopefully you can visit mercury rosario, pasig branch.. look for vanessa ga-ayo.. best friend ko yun and classmate nung high school... if you want a super dooper excellent customer service... naku, sya na lapitan mo.. hhehee..

note: ewan ko nga lang ngyn, 1 mo. preggy na eh.. baka may "hormonal" imbalance.. heehhehe..

Anonymous said...

hi sis, taga caloocan ka ba, taga morning breeze kasi ako at dyan ako graduate sa MCU ng kinder to highschool (reminsicing hehehe)