Monday, January 14, 2008

4 Aces Hula (Divination)

I met up with my friend Blu this afternoon. I haven't seen her in years. She invited her former co-worker Ysa to join us. Blu broke up with her 7 year GF so we had a lot of catching up to do. During the course of the kuwentuhan, she mentioned that Ysa saw in her cards that her GF has a man in her life. Ergo, Ysa knows how to make hula (divination) using ordinary playing cards.

After a while I teased Ysa to show me how she makes hula. She uses the four Aces technique. Natawa ako. This was the kind of hulaan we did in high school. Katuwaan lang, nothing serious. I was able to learn how the hula works. Pagdating ng college, I was giving hula to my blockmates. The cards I used were half the size of the regular playing cards, in pink with a My Melody design on one side. You would think tarot cards gagamitin ko pero kuwidaw, orig na My Melody ang akin! Hehehe.

Like I said, we did it for katuwaan. Yun lang there were times medyo close to accurate yung hula ko. I never gave it much thought since I was thinking my hula was close to home due to the fact that I knew my friends well.

I haven't done the hula for almost 20 years now. For some reason, I forgot what some of the cards stood for.

I just find it amusing that there are a few people who knew how to use the 4 Aces hula. Of course, there are different nuances to ever card, different ways of interpreting the card positons, etc. Ysa's style was somewhat different from mine, even the choosing which cards to pick up first was kinda "different". But the basic principles were there.

Blu asked to be read twice then I asked Ysa to read my cards. Yung katok ko pa lang sa cards sabi nya mabigat, meaning I still have strong feelings (either love or hate) for the person. After all the seremonyas, she told me that I still have feelings for the person I knocked my cards for, he doesn't feel the same way for me though (ouch!). She saw another woman getting in the way (another ouch!) but she also saw another man who is established financially/rich whom I was considering. Ok... Not bad. Close to accurate.

Blu asked for 1 more reading. Then Ysa asked to be read by Blu since Blu already knows how to read the cards, sa dinami dami ba naman ng beses na nagpahula sya! Hehehe.

After she read Ysa's cards, I asked Blu to read my cards to check if the same thing would appear. Lo and behold! She gave me the same reading/interpretation. I never mentioned the name of the person and if I was requesting the reading for the same person but the same thing appeared. May lumabas lang about money or career but the other woman and other man with money showed up.


I will look for play cards here and do the reading myself. Hehehe.


Anonymous said...

matagal ko ng gustong magpahula. hulaan mo ako sister. :)

fionski said...

Mari wish ko lang magaling akong manghula. Di ko nga mahulaan sarili ko. Huhuhu!

Nick Ballesteros said...

Naku Fiona ginagawa rin yan ng misis ko noong magbabarkada pa kami. Sabi nila kapag yung cards ay ginamit sa sugal (tong-its!), mawawala ang bisa nya. O ha may rules pa.

fionski said...

Korek ka dyan Kuya Watson! Dapat virgin pa ang cards na ginamit mo or di nagamit sa sugal.
Marunong din pala si Misis Watson!