Monday, August 20, 2007

Useful Account Management Tips

I have been a tech support rep for quite sometime now and the top issue for any kind of online account is sign in issue. People forget passwords for most of their accounts like ISP or e-mail accounts. Can't blame these people, sa dami ba naman ng mga accounts nila online, mahihilo talaga sila sa pag manage nito.

One useful tip in managing any account is to set an alternate e-mail address for your account. E-mail accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail has this option for account owners to set an alternate e-mail address for their Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail accounts. Setting an alternate email address is useful in resettting your password, the alternate e-mail address will get the password reset instructions if and when you request for it. One time, my assh0le ex-churva tried to reset the password of my Gmail account. He did not know that Gmail would alert my alternate e-mail address if a password reset has been requested. I think he thought he would be able to access my Gmail by providing my personal information lang. Yahoo used to have this feature, dati you can reset the password just by supplying personal information and the answer to the secret question. Kaso I had set an alternate e-mail address that's why he was not prompted for the personal info and secret question. Bottom line nahuli ko sya trying to hack my account. Of course, he did not admit it but I knew it was him. Hehehe.

Some accounts like Hotmail provide you an alternative way of resetting your password by providing your location and the answer to your secret question. This is fine too but then if there's someone else who happens to know these information, patay ka.

Another tip: When trying to sign in to your account, if you get a password error message try not to sign in more than 2 times in less than 15 mins. If you make 3 failed attempts in 15 mins, moste likely you will be blocked from accessing your account. You will not be able to access your account at once and in sonce cases, if you make mutiple attempts (like 8 times in 30 mins), your acount will be locked. Once locked, you won't be able to access your account any more unless you go through tech support or some other proper channel. If your account is a paid subscription, chances are you can easily call tech support or customer service because you have this priviledge for phone support. If your account is for free, all you get is e-mail support and as we all know, most e-mail support for free accounts take a long time before someone responds to your query.

Dear reader, I strongly suggest you explore your account's settings and options so you can add an alternate e-mail address for your account. Also, try to check the support links for all your accounts, incase you may need to contact support. Good luck!

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