Friday, July 13, 2007

One thing I've learned from work

One thing I've learned from working for my current call center company is.....

the word


Everyone here uses the word CHURKY in place of anything at all. Kinda like churva/chorva.
The account that I'm in is male dominated, only 1 gay guy. Imagine all these cigarette smoke reeking, beer lugging, cuss loving men talking and mentioning the word churky. Nakakatawa! Hahahaha!

"Tell the customer that he should sign in to his account using"

"Give steps from clearing cache and cookies, setting privacy and security to default, all the trouble shooting churkiness."

"Have you ever beem churkified?" = This came from bad ass Carlo.


Anonymous said...


cathy said...

napadaan lang po from PBS (o pinoyblog?)...

anyway akala ko anecdote from a center and ang una kong naisip.. it has something to do with the word "turkey".. haha...

churva lang pala yun.. lol
nice.. "churky" - gamitin ko to!

Char said...

Churk-gasmic! :D. Call center ka na pala Ate Fions. Watch your calcium intake!

fionski said...

Anonymous, hehehe.

Nice alias cathycardia! Nakaka addik ang churky, promise!

Char hello! Call girl na ako. I take multi vitamin-multi mineral supplements. Thanks for the advice.