Sunday, May 06, 2007

Microsoft + Yahoo = MicroHoo

I saw in the news yesterday that there's an unconfirmed chismis about Microsoft and Yahoo merging to beat Google. I guess the chismis is right.

I didn't know Google has beaten those two!

Microhoo? Purchase of Yahoo by Microsoft Could Challenge Google's

As Sites Jockey for Web Dominance, Such an Acquisition Would Give Google a
Run for Its Money


Nick Ballesteros said...

I have been reading up on usage of Google vs Yahoo! and other search engines for the purpose of searching alone at malayong-malayo ang agwat. Talagang dominant ang Google. Perhaps if the supposed merger will provide services that Google has not yeat thought about, then Google will have a problem in that area.

Analyst daw o. hehe

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, for now I still prefer Google. Pero let's just see what this "merger" will offer.

musta ka na?