Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Interpretation of My Dream

Inspite of the things I know, the "skills" I've learned, I can't still interpret my own dreams. I am able to interpret dreams of other people, people who are close to me, but I can't interpet my own.
Maybe a part of me inhibits myself from making the interpretation because I may involve my feelings or emotions when I do my own interpretation. Sometimes I second guess myself. Not that I do not believe I can't interpret my own dreams, it's just that I'm worried I may not be objective when it comes to my dreams.
Hmm... I had an unusual dream last night, a good yet bad dream. Flying, trip, leaving. I was about to go up but I didn't quite make it. I got the visa and the ticket. I didn't have a good suitcase, I wasn't prepared. I was one from the last bunch to board the plane, I nearly didn't get through because I didn't give my correct info. Then as I was about to board the plane, I saw "things" scattered or left behind by the people who went before us. I picked up these things so I could give them to those who left them. I wasn't able to get inside the plane, it took off while I was still on the steps. I could have gotten in the plane but I was thinking of the kids my companions had with them. I mean, people from my group were carrying kids and I was thinking I should help them. Then I woke up...

While I was typing this piece, it just dawned on me what my dream means. I've been all too concerned with people around me, picking the pieces of the lives of other people, helping other people. This gets in the way of fixing my life. I'm not able to prepare myself for my opportunities because I'm not focused on my life.

Yes. This is what my subconscious has told me. This is true.
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