Thursday, January 12, 2006

Laziness or Child Depression?

Finally, I have my 2nd official student today. Well, she hasn't enrolled yet but her parents came here tonight, with my student of course, so they could meet and talk to me.

I asked her name, she told me her name but she didn't smile. It felt like she was angry or something. Then I asked her what her problem is, she said she doesn't want to go to school. I told her she has to finish grade 2, she's got a few months left before summer starts, it would be a waste if she just stops and then repeat grade 2. She had this demeanor that was tough, like she was angry at someone but trying hard not to show it. She was wearing pambahay clothes and a cap. Her father removed the cap, her hair had these colored rubberbands, like someone fixed her hair before she went to school in the morning but it all got messy somehow and she doesn't really care how she looks.

While her mother and I were talking about her and her experiences in school, she appeared disinterested. She fidgeted, sang to herself softly, gazed at all the corners of the room but tried to avoid looking at me except for a few times when her mother and I discussed the possibility of transferring her to another school. Not my idea, of course.
I can't help but think that she is depressed. I did some research and found this on the website of Oregon Counselling, written by Michael G. Conner, Psy.D. She seems to have some of the signs of depression namely:
# Crying, feeling sad, helpless or hopeless
# Feeling discouraged or worthless
# Loss of interest or pleasure in others or most activities
# Drop in school performance
# Inability to sit still, fidgeting or pacing (she stood 2 times to go to her father, she wanted him to carry him or sit on his lap; it seemed like she felt safer sitting on her father's lap but then she would go back to her seat after a while)

She wasn't rude or anything like that, I sensed that she's unhappy and was trying not to show it, she was indifferent. She seemed angry and she definitely was disinterested in anything that was related to school.
From what I gathered she was harassed/bullied in school... By some school officials. Hmmm...

Her mother doesn't want her to repeat grade 2 due to obvious reasons: waste of time and money among other things. Her parents are definitely worried because they don't know how to help her. I just hope I can help her.

Good luck to me! Hehehe.


pearljem said...

ano age ng student mo?

fionski said...

Hello perlas. Thanks for dropping by. 8 years old ang bata. Mukhang hindi depression pero definite na may self esteem issues.

Russ! Hello hello! Thanks for dropping by. Hope all is well with you.

Mec said...

good luck to you sis... may this child realize that even strangers can care, so she'd reach out and take your helping hand :)


Unknown said...

kawawa naman yun bata. ano kaya talaga problem nya? hmm i hope maayos din. and ang hirap nga nyan.. goodluck!! :)

Nick Ballesteros said...

At least kid pa sya. May chance pang maituwid kung ano man ang naging hindi magandang pangyayari sa kanya. Good luck Ate Sienna...

Nick Ballesteros said...

Ate Fionski, pwede rin ba mag-enroll sa class mo? Mukhang may trauma ako nung bata ako kaya i keep switching names and faces. :-)