Thursday, May 26, 2005

She Comes First, Then Again And Again...

I've been keeping an eye on a friend of mine, giving her love life a close watch. Her BF treated her badly and she never enjoyed having sex with him. He even told her point blank that she's a poor lay. She couldnt break up with him because of her poor self esteem, her life revolved around him. How many times has it happened that he broke up with her but he begged him back? Finally they cooled off for a few months. This gave her time to think.
One day she started going out with this guy who has been hounding her. She gave in. To make the long story short, she now knows how an orgasm feels, what it's like to have a man give her pleasure. I asked her if she was required by this guy to do anything for him in return, she said the guy just wanted her to relax and recieve pleasure from him and not do anything. Now she can't stop thinking about him and what he has done to her. She saw this alleged video of Heart Evangelista and it reminds her of what she did, how she moaned and groaned with pleasure, how she gripped his arms as he was giving it to her.
Last night she had to excuse herself after telling me her story because she needed to take a shower kasi mainit raw katawan niya. I teased her, told her how to touch herself while in the shower and she got even hotter and more bothered. Hehehe.
I told her that her lover apparently knows how to make love to her. He knows how to make a woman feel good starting from foreplay to afterplay. I told her that once she's tried great sex, she's never going back to lousy sex again. She's a bit worried because she feels her BF might want her back and she doesn't know what to do: if she should take him back, if and when that happens how to explain to him her new sexual apetite, and of course what to do with her new lover. She wants more of that mind boggling, titirik ang mata mo sa sarap sex. Hahaha!

Ka Uro, hindi naman po lahat ng Pinoy bad in bed so don't worry I believe you. Pero tanungin ko kaya si Mrs. Uro just to be sure? Hehehe.

MEC well Pinoys are great romancers, malambing, magaling mag woo ng babae. But in bed ewan ko lang. I guess culture has something to do with this. My friend Tekla has her own way of describing most Pinoy lovers. Using both hands she would point to her mouth meaning kissing, then point to her breast for some breast play, finally point sa baba, sa keps for dyug na. Systematic daw mga Pinoy: 1, 2, 3 tapos na. Hehehe.
If you consider yourself a primadonna in bed and still get what you want then you are indeed lucky! Your man knows how to please you, your needs cum first. *wink*

hany_nany I read this guy's blog. He's got 4 blogs: 1 about techie stuff, 1 about the news he reads, 1 about is sexual preference and 1 about funny sex bits. I saw his post about the book so I decided to share this bit of info here. I enjoy his blogs and I like the way he writes esp about sex and his sexual preference. He is pansexual btw.


Cerridwen said...

some people is havin great sex *whew*

why be with someone who doesn't satisfy you both physically and mentally. it can be a cause of cheating in the future.

good for her to find the right one. she shouldn't even consider her ex bf wanting her back when he already told her she is a poor lay. a man who puts you down is not worth being with.

HanAgiRL said...

tell her not to go back to her jerk bf. obviously, her bf IS the lousy lay.

Unknown said...

oo nga, wag na balikan yun dating bf na walang magawa kundi saktan sya.

ok na sya don sa new guy nya na na-satisfy sya diba. thing is, commitment ba ang gusto din ng guy? or they're just enjoying the good sex? mahirap din kase diba, baka ma-fall sya and iba lang din gusto ni guy..

ewan ko ba, parang nasa ganyang stage din kase ako ngayon.

duke said...

well.. once you've found the better oe is not the best why settle for less di ba? :)

duke said...

append.. typo... sowhee!

well.. once you've found the better one, if not the best, why settle for less di ba? :)

Anonymous said...

If she goes back to her boyfriend, or ex rather, she could be the most stupid person in the world. have a good one, fionski! :)

Senorito<- Ako said...

ika-nga ni prince Zardo's ng Voltes 5 eh..