Friday, April 29, 2005

Online Daters Beware!

This article is somewhat close to my heart. The story of the woman here is kinda familiar, I know a man who lies to women online and is from VA. Read on.

by Sherry Amatenstein

The Internet dating stigma no longer exists, and it's about time. But just because looking for love online is more mainstream, that doesn't mean you should let your guard down completely. After all, it may be easier to meet that special someone -- but it's also easier to be deceived by someone else's special someone masquerading as a bachelor. How can you avoid falling for a married man's cyber line? And what are the warning signs that the guy on the other end of the cute emails is otherwise engaged? Take note of these tips.

Cybersex, Lies and Video Tape

Jill Jones discovered the hard way that the boyfriend she'd met three months earlier through was married: His wife called! Jill, a 27-year-old Washington, DC, marketing executive explains, "Since he lived in a different city -- Roanoke, Virginia -- it was easy for him to sneak around." She says, "Although he made excuse after excuse about why he continually had to cancel a date at the last minute -- one time claiming he'd been in a car accident -- I got suspicious only after I knew everything." There had been numerous red flags. For instance, he only called from his cell phone while driving in his car. It turns out that Joe (not his real name) was talking to several women online. According to his wife, Jill was the only one he'd actually met and kissed. [Editors' note: Awkward conversation, anyone?] Jill recalls, "He contacted me a few weeks after he was busted and said how much he cared for me and that his marriage was on the rocks. Blah, blah, blah. I hung up."

I hope MarkD is reading this.


HanAgiRL said...

Fions, what happened to G?! My gosh, car accident ba? I hope she's ok? Please fill me in naman oh.

Cerridwen said...

hi ate fions :) thought I take the chance to read and reply to some emails and leave you a msg :) thank you by the way... a lot...
as to this cyberlover things...yes be careful. I have been a victim of this too email, chat, messenger, text, phone calls. Sad thing is you are scared to be honest so you make up things to protect yourself then it will be too late by the time you realize it, you have been played with. Your emotion is real but because your foundation is muddy you end up with nothing but mud. Cyver space is a game but it is a free game that everyone is entitled to play. You get cheated don't take it personally - just shut up and go one educated. Learn that there is nothing real in this world but those that you allow to be true and real.

HanaGirl... will try to email you - thanks for the concern...still unable to walk around much but am getting better every day. Broken ribs takes a couple of month to heal. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

i never have thought of even trying to date people i meet online. friends, i may gain some but not a significant other. that's just totally bull. have a good day, fions! :)

Anonymous said...

ate fiona, mag update ka na, miss ko na kwento mo :)