Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Originally uploaded by fionski.

All pics here are taken with the use of my camphone. I like the effect of Chiaroscuro in my pics.


Chiaroscuro is the play of light and shade. I remember this term from my Humanities 1 class, my teacher's name's Cherry(she didn't want to be called Miss or Ma'am). We used Art, Man and Nature as reference. Senti ako! Hehehe.

same date

I adjusted this one, auto level thingy. The effect of the play of light and shade is still evident here. Just don't look at my background. Hahaha!


Anonymous said...

nice nga =) i took that up in one of my photography classes. hehe. hope you're havin a nice day fiona! ::russ::

Mec said...


up to now i still don't know how to just take photo silhoettes etc

mostly auto-mode pa din ang cam ko, hahaha

fionski said...

Hello Russ! Hope you're feeling ok today.

Mec accident lang yan pic na yan. Buti naman kse I look good pag madilim. Hehehehe.

masterbetong said...

New word in my vocabulary. HEHEHE! Nice ng background parang room ko!

Nice manipulation ng image.

Hey... TC..

fionski said...

Masterbetong wag mo titignan ang mga kalat ko ha? Ako lang please! Hehehe.

Uy Arrow-N, sweet naman nyan. Pero sisingilin pa rin kita sa mga utang mo sa akin! Hehehe.

Jhun Billote said...

hello ms fionski. mukhang me kulang sa pics...yung smile. medyo seryoso ka masyado dun hehehe. pero di bale, compensated naman, ganda kasi nasa pics (ahem...)

Cerridwen said...

good shots ate fions... I will reserve flirting with you another time - when I am there beside you and whoa on the Visa commercial being used as a flirting material.... good one. @Chickay- correct ka!

fionski said...

Natatawa ako sa mga comments nyo. Bolero si sir Metal! Si Chikay, she wanted to know what brand and mdel of camphone I used, nasa unit daw yong effect wala sa subject. Hehehe.
Flirting with me G? Hmmmm... :p

masterbetong said...

ako na lang flirt sa u fionski. hehehehe!

fionski said...

Masterbetong, come to mama... Hehehe!

Pepe said...

can't explain it, but i find the pics sexy...=p

fionski said...

Gleng talga ng camphone ko! Thanks Pepe and Masterbetong! Kilig na ako for the entire Feb! Yahoo!