Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My Workstation

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I have a cubicle w/ windows. The cool air coming from the aircon barely reaches my corner of our office kaya mainit, the heat from the windows makes matters worse! Walang internet PC ko tapos ang bagl-bagal pa! Di na ako bored lagi, inaantok lang! Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!


Yesterday before I left the house I noticed the watch that my Mom gave me stopped moving. I guess it needs a new battery. I still have 2 watches left, one is the cheap Divisoria watch while the other one is a dress-up watch. I brought the Divisoria watch because I wasn't so sure it was safe to bring the other one. This morning while I was preparing to leave I noticed my wall clock stopped! That to me was odd because it was working when I woke up. I tried to fix my wall clock, changed the batter and even fixed the way it was hanging on the wall. Nothing! It's really dead. Anyway, I decided I would use my dress-up watch to work because my Divi watch looked really cheap with the bad watch bracelet on. Around midday, I noticed the time on my dress-up watched stopped too! I tried to fix it but it wouldn't work. My cousin bought it for me only this September so the battery should still be ok. Is this weird or what? I felt like I was in the twilight zone!

Ilocano's, when they hear a lizard making that "knocking" sound or saltik as we call it, we would knock on any wooden surface and say someone is arriving. To me whenever I would hear that, it would mean someone is arriving, for the past 2 years the saltik to me mean someone's going to show up online soon. G, remember that time I asked you about the lizard? I was already hearing the lizards' saltik, I wanted to tell you about it that's why I asked if you've seen a lizard before. I had a strong feeling HE would show up. He did show up! Diba G? I heard the strongest saltik last week of May and I thought to myself if things were ok he would probably show himself to me. He did show up, June 2.

Call me superstitious but there are certain signs that I believe in that people would brush off as coincidence, while some would try to link these signs w/ some scientific explanation. I'm thinking maybe the clocks/watches stopping was a sign. I wonder what this time stopping means (aside from the fact that I need to buy new batteries for my watches)? Bad omen? I hope not!


Cerridwen said...

Yeah I remember that time ate fions, you should have told me the story behind it - i was wondering what brought you to ask me that lizard question hehehe

that sucks though we have no lizard here, I wont be able to tell if someone is coming. :(

Nick Ballesteros said...

Hello Fionski! The only superstition thing I know about watches is that they are bad luck to give as gifts because it means you're wishing for the recipient's business to stop. And this isn't a Filipino superstition.

My parents also mention that when there are lizards "croaking". Another "sign" they love saying is that a loved one's spirit is visiting us when a butterfly enters the house.

DigiscrapMom said...

how i wish my workstation would be as clean as yours. but i'm such an organized mess! hehehehe!

Huseng Busabos said...

Linis naman ng workstation mo. Yung sa akin pwedeng mga training ang mga MILF!

fionski said...

Akala niyo lang malinis/maayos workstation ko. You just don't see the mess that surrounds it. I guess no one stays long enough to really use the place.