Thursday, July 15, 2004

Subject: [upgeclub] pakiusap lang

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From: "Paolo Campo"
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2004 1:44 AM
Subject: [upgeclub] pakiusap lang

to everyone,

I would just like to make a suggestion and a comment
at the same time. Could all of us please refrain from
writing emails using the so-called "text speak." I ,
for one, am irritated seeing messages coming from the
internet written using "text speak," when you have a
keyboard and a full set of fingers that you could use
for typing. I understand that when using a cellphone,
we would like to maximize the length of a message
using only 160 or so characters, that we only have our
thumbs to do this, and that we are using our phones'
keypads. Not so when typing on the internet, unless
you guys are using your keypads still. For one thing,
it is difficult to understand "text speak" since it is
not standardized. Another is that we tend to lose our
English writing skills in terms of spelling and
grammar. And finally, i hate seeing the word "me"
being used inappropriately, whatever the case may be.
Whoever started this trend of using "me"
inappropriately in sms messages and whoever thinks
that using this word is cool or cute should be shot.

I am one of the advocates of the "no to text speak in
the internet." Believe me, people in forums and other
groups are beginning to ban the use of text speak
because of the abovementioned reasons.

But then again, I may be the only one here who
actually hates text speak in the internet. It's just
a suggestion anyway.

My response to Paolo's email:

Paolo has a point, no offense to text-typers/speakers. I do believe that there is no limit to the amount of characters we type on the internet, well except for some very few instances. Even when I send sms/text, I pretty much use regular words most of the time. A former student constructed a sentence similar to this: D roses is on d table. I was appalled!!! His Ate said he is used to text speak. I have a cousin who lives and breathes text speak. I make her repeat everything she types on IM or email when she uses text typing. I tell here that she doesnt have to make tipid the words she says on IM or email. I have a hard time understanding text typing or text speak. Her justification why she uses text typing: she's TAMAD.
Although technology has made our lives easier it has also has made most of us tamad. Pinoys are inclined to text rather than call, when I say call I mean use the landline to call someone who also has a phone at home. Everything has become impersonal. Are most Pinoys tamad or maybe we have forgotten the art of good old fashioned conversation? I'm not saying NO to text speak but we should all realize that there is a right time and place for everything. This also goes for the murder of both English and Filipino: alis na me, go ka d2, 22log na u, etc. Duhh?! Sometimes I wonder if I'm reading shorthand...
Of course, to each his own. If text speak works for you and the person you're "texting" online then go right ahead! MY generation rarely uses text speak online anyway. Understandably, the generation AFTER US are pre-disposed to use text speak because of genetics: most people of this generation are born all thumbs. Hehehe.

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