Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Yahoo 360

I forgot to thank Mari for inviting me to join Yahoo 360. She saw my comment on PinoyBlog. Thanks Mari! Image

Lordstein is my first invited friend. Image

Yahoo 360 reminds me of Multiply with a dash of Msn Spaces, it copied Orkut's by "invitation only" strategy. Multiply has the same content as 360 but it doesn't come with a portal. Both 360 and Spaces are social networking features of portals, Orkut is sort of Google's counterpart, Friendster has its own world. I do like Friendster and Orkut's privacy feature, limiting who can view your profile. Spaces has it's own privacy feature too, you can choose the people who can view your Space but it doesn't have th social networking feature.

360 is still in beta, I'm sure Yahoo will be adding more features to this.



Anonymous said...

hahay. im getting dizzy with all these community portals.

KAI said...

what's that? another blogging service? lol. blogs are really IN these days...phenomenon. lol.