Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Interpretation of My Dream

Inspite of the things I know, the "skills" I've learned, I can't still interpret my own dreams. I am able to interpret dreams of other people, people who are close to me, but I can't interpet my own.
Maybe a part of me inhibits myself from making the interpretation because I may involve my feelings or emotions when I do my own interpretation. Sometimes I second guess myself. Not that I do not believe I can't interpret my own dreams, it's just that I'm worried I may not be objective when it comes to my dreams.
Hmm... I had an unusual dream last night, a good yet bad dream. Flying, trip, leaving. I was about to go up but I didn't quite make it. I got the visa and the ticket. I didn't have a good suitcase, I wasn't prepared. I was one from the last bunch to board the plane, I nearly didn't get through because I didn't give my correct info. Then as I was about to board the plane, I saw "things" scattered or left behind by the people who went before us. I picked up these things so I could give them to those who left them. I wasn't able to get inside the plane, it took off while I was still on the steps. I could have gotten in the plane but I was thinking of the kids my companions had with them. I mean, people from my group were carrying kids and I was thinking I should help them. Then I woke up...

While I was typing this piece, it just dawned on me what my dream means. I've been all too concerned with people around me, picking the pieces of the lives of other people, helping other people. This gets in the way of fixing my life. I'm not able to prepare myself for my opportunities because I'm not focused on my life.

Yes. This is what my subconscious has told me. This is true.
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Guess what's happening!

Can you guess what's happening to these ladies?I'm not sure if these videos were taken without their knowledge, I don't know if the privacy of these women were violated.Watch the video with caution.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

22 yr old killed after being drawn into deceptive cyber romance

I'm sure a lot of people have seen this image:

I was reminded of this when I read about this news of this 22 year old kid who was killed over a deceitful cyber relationship.

An 18 year old Marine who was preparing for deplyoment has been constantly chatting with a young attractive lady who sent him pictures of her, even her lingerie.
In reality, the man Thomas Montgomery is actually a 47 year old married man while the woman is in her 40s and was sending out pics of her daughter. The wife intercepted one gift coming from the woman and she sent her a letter saying Montgomery had fooled her because he's 47 and married.
The woman remembered Montgomery's co worker, 22 year old Brian Barrett, so she called him at work to ask if Montgomery is really married and all. From here on they became friends and was in constant contact with each other. Inspite of what happened between her and Montgomery, they remained friends. She even told him that Barrett's been her communicating with her on a regular basis. This got Montgomery jealous. He shot Barrett .30-caliber rifle at close range.

Here's the twist: little did both men know, this supposedly 20-something attractive lady is actually a 40plus woman sending pics of her daughter! Hah!
Montgomery's wife has filed for divorce and it seems she and her kids have left their conjugal home in suburban Cheektowaga, where Miss 40plus sent Montgomery her lingerie that got intercepted by the wife.

Strange twist of fate. This is what you get for lying and cheating. I hope Mark reads this.

News courtesy of Houston Chronicle
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Sunday, January 14, 2007


Around 45 minutes ago, I heard someone screaming on the street. I thought the neighborhood kids were just fooling around but I decided to look a few minutes later. A young lady got robbed in the middle of this sleepy baranggay in Imus, Cavite. The robbers were riding a motorbike armed with a knife. The young lady had another lady companion but her bag was snatched from her just the same. She was carrying 50K with her. She didn't scream for help, she was just screaming. The menfolk didn't realize she needed help till it was a bit too late. They tried to run after the theives but they got away.

Grabe! Sunday 10AM in my own neighborhood. This isn't the first incidence of bag grabbing by motorbike riding theives. My next door neighbors, they were also robbed the same way but the incidents happened late at night and around 3AM.

When I first got here, I noticed people casually using cellphones while walking or on the jeep, people having cellphones dangling from their necks. Initially I was shocked kasi nga baka mahablot cellphones nila. Surprisingly wala akong nakita or narinig except for 1 incident of a cellphone nakawan in school, a grade 6 pupil brought her N90 phone to school kaya ayon, ninakaw. Anyway, I never heard of any snatching incidents till recently. First I heard happened around 3 or 4 months ago around 3AM. The lady was on her way to Baclaran to buy goods to sell. Kanina her daughter admitted getting robbed too, a few months after her mother got robbed. Call center agent kasi, so gabi sya na nakawan somewhere in Bayang Luma I think.

A local once told me that Cavite isn't a place for petty theives. Cavitenos do not tolerate theives and petty criminals. According to him people here would rather kill than steal, they say there is no honor in stealing. Mga dayo lang daw ang malakas ang loob na magnakaw dito.

People here are good are always willing to help, I hope there is a way to encourage the bayanihan spirit in Imus inorder to fight crime. Mahirap isipin na maari kang manakawan at masaktan sa loob ng sarili mong community.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

SMCHS Batch 84

My high school batchmates' reunion last December. I couldn't go because I was strapped for cash, just quit my job last November.
We will be celebrating our 25th year on 2009. We hope we would be able to raise funds to help our less fortunate batchmates. Ako yon! Hehehe!

Friday, January 05, 2007

The End of My Rosy Life

My Rosy Life Korea Novela

The Korea Novela My Rosy Life will end today. My initial reaction to Korean soap was kinda like, "Ok, another Korea novela. Puro love stories, drama, iyakan, etc. I'm sure this one will have a happy ending just like the rest. So what else is new?"

Betsy is the lead character here. The martyr wife, mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend. She made sure everything was in order, she was always on top of the situation, sacrificing her own life and personal happiness. When she was only 12 I think, her mother left them. She had to take care of her 2 other siblings and also her father. This probably is the reason why she wants to please everyone, para hindi sya iwan. As long as everyone is happy and gets what they want, she was also happy. Dahil dito napabayaan nya sarili nya. Her husband, Ramon left her for a younger and sexier woman. She did everything to make things work, she even tried to improve her looks, but to no avail because Ramon was set on leaving her. She tried to put up a business; she invested their life savings with her friends na literally na kinuha ng friend nya at tinakbuhan sya. She had a physical breakdown, which led to the discovery of her stage 3 stomach cancer.

From here on puro iyakan na. Ako madalas puffy ang mga mata ko because the her situation, her reaction to her disease, the reaction of the people around her. Betsy's major concern was not that of dying but preparing herself and everyone around her for her death. She begged her doctor to help her live because her kids need her. Her sister Kelly who wanted to do everything to help Betsy and show how much she loved her, how she cried when she learned of Betsy's cancer and her frustration towards Ramon when he insisted on not telling Betsy how bad her cancer is. Umupo sa sahig at umiyak si Kelly while telling Ramon they needed to tell Betsy para nga naman she could prepare herself and her kids. Initially he kept blaming himself for what happened to his daughter. Kita ang sadness sa mukha even in his silence you could feel his sorrow especially when Betsy bid him farewell for the last time, sinundan pa nya ng tingin si Betsy at Ramon as they walked away from his house. Yung mga anak nila, they promised to be good wag lang mawala si Betsy. She knew she was going to die soon so she and Ramon left the house so no one would see her die, no one would see her dead. She wanted everyone to remember her alive. They left around dawn so the kids wouldn't see them leave. She didn't want to kiss them goodbye but she couldn't keep herself from kissing and hugging her children before they left. This scene was very touching to me kasi nga maiisip mo if you were in her situation, you would want to kiss and hug your kids as much as you can because you won't be able to do these things anymore. You would want to savor every minute that you have with your kids and tell them how much you love them. You would feel sad because you won't see your kids grow up, become successful in life, get married, you won't see your grandchildren.

I've been wanting to blog about this show but I had other concerns. Now I'm having a hard time finishing this blog post without getting emotional.

I understand Betsy, I've been there.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Do you have a New Year's Resolution?

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? 15 years ago I had a list of those and I never really got to do most of it. In 10 resolutions, I would be able to do 2. Hahahaha! So I changed my habit. Instead of creating resolutions I never resolve, I create GOALS. I feel goal setting is more positive and results-oriented (duhh?).

There was one time in my life I was able to fullfill all my goals or resolutions and it was in 1990. My resolutions were:
- Get a better body
- Get a boyfriend
- Get a better job or learn something new/go back to school
- Travel
- Help others/do volunteer work
I was able to do everything. I don't know why I can't duplicate this feat?

I still have a couple of goals in mind but because of some set-backs I have to set aside the goal setting activity for next week.

New Year's Resolution image courtesy of Academie de Nancy-Metz1 ) Lose Weight and Get in Better Physical Shape
2 ) Stick to a Budget
3 ) Debt Reduction
4 ) Enjoy More Quality Time with Family & Friends
5 ) Find My Soul Mate
6 ) Quit Smoking
7 ) Find a Better Job
8 ) Learn Something New
9 ) Volunteer and Help Others
10) Get Organized

Read the entire article and other interesting facts on 10 Million Resolutions

Image courtesy of Academie de Nancy-Metz