Sunday, December 31, 2006


I watched TV yesterday and Ali Sotto gave this advice: If you think she's worth it, then fight for your love. A good thing is hard to keep(or did she say come by), you have to keep working at (keeping) it.
After dozing for a few hours I finally heard (and saw) Bayang Barrios' song. I remember during the time my work sched started at 4AM, I would wake up at 1AM to prepare and I would sometimes catch that song being played, the late Dan Campilan singing it. Every time, I would feel sad. It's not enough that the song itself is sad, GMA had to associate it with the death of Dan Campilan.

Wishing everyone a better year next year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year, New Look

Ijust want to change my template. I haven't found any template that would best describe my mood. Hmmm... Nakakatamad mag change and tweak ng template/skin, I have to overhaul the html, etc. Hay churva.

Friday, December 22, 2006

DFA probes racial profiling of Filipinos in California

I don't usually read all the news feeds about the Philippines. When I get, I just scan them. This particular feed caught my eye.
This news is about an American kid getting abducted by men whom he indentified as Filipinos:

THE Department of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday that it was investigating reports that several Filipinos in the Union City in Alameda County, California, were in an uproar after a nine-year-old American boy who escaped a kidnap attempt identified his would-be abductors as Filipinos.

A California-based Filipino community newspaper, the Philippine News, reported that the Union City Police received a phone call on December 5 from the Pioneer School Principal about a foiled kidnapping of one of the school’s pupils.

Read the rest of story here.

This news is kinda alarming. Either the kid is right, that the kidnappers are Filipinos; or the kid is wrong but "brown skinned criminals" are Filipinos.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I never saw the streakers in UP in my entire life. There was one time I was close to seeing them during my freshman year. When I got to Chem 16 class my labmate told me she saw naked men run in the hallway of Palma Hall during lunch break. Natawa ako sa reaction nya, "Yuck Fiona yung pubic hair!" Hehehe.

Every year, students from the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity (APO) of the University of the Philippines run around campus naked but with faces covered--called streaking--as some sort of offering to their beloved fraternity on its anniversary as part of their tradition. APO celebrates its anniversary every last school day of December. This year, the Oblation Run had another purpose: sign of protest for the impending tuition fee hike.

The participants, members of the UP fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, held their "Oblation run"-- named after the University's symbol of freedom -- at about noontime, according to APO Grand Chancellor Max Quijano.
Quijano said the Oblation run coincided with a scheduled meeting of the Board of Regents, UP's highest policy-making body. The BOR might decide Friday whether to impose an 80 percent tuition increase.

The tuition fee will be increased from 300 PHP to 1,000PHP per unit. Whew! No wonder these kids are running around naked, soon they won't be able to afford clothes anymore!

Meanwhile, Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr. criticized the University for allowing these students to run naked on campus.Meanwhile, Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr. criticized the University for allowing these students to run naked on campus.

In a statement, Pimentel said he could not see any purpose or logic why male students, their faces covered with balaclavas or rolled up t-shirts, have to shed off their clothes and expose private parts "except to provoke voyeuristic tendency or create lewd thoughts among the spectators."
"I ask the UP administration why they allow students to publicly go naked and display their private parts. What benefit does this public institution, paid by people's
money, get out of it?" he said.

The Senator's is such a stick in the mud. That's freedom of expression, kaya nga Oblation run eh.

I remember during my time we paid something like P24 or 27/unit. Students then would protest by delaying their payment till the last day, meaning we had to wait till there was a rollback so we won't have to pay the new rate. Of course, walang nangyari, I ended up paying a late fee of P50, which was a lot then.

If the people's taxes pay for the institution, why do these students need to pay 1,000PHP per unit? Confusing. One of these days parents will start running on campus naked someday.

Photo courtesy of Nu's

News bits courtesy of INQ7 News and ABS-CBN Interactive

Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Cuz Blogs!

Na engganyo na mag blog cousin ko. She said it has become addicting. Hehehehe. Welcome to the wacky world of blogging KPJ!