Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

I went through a terribly stressful week last week, I still feel the "aftershocks" till now.

Normally I would have bitched about it here, would have talked about the people who treated me poorly. I decided to put off blogging about it. Now, I have a totally different attitude. My exeprience gave me a different perspective of the people around me. My eyes are wide open now.

I just want to thank God or the Universe or any Higher Being. I received guidance from a Higher Source. It's kinda amusing how events unfolded. Feeling ko parang may nagsasabi sa akin kung ano nangyayari, like an unseen force telling me what to do and what is happening.

Anyway. I'd like to thank the people who visited and left a comforting words.
Senorito ako
JC (Comforting ba words mo? Hehehe)
Anonymous (multiple personality)
And the others, I can't seem to find their comments.

I will be blogging about quirky stuff soon, as requested by JC.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Who Am I?

I AM… Fiona aka Fionski,
Tagged by Mec delishyusness sexy mommy :)

I WANT... to lose weight, I want to be healthy.

I HAVE... the tools to improve myself, I just need to use them.

I WISH... I'd win the lotto, P100M, so I could help the people I care for.

I HATE... liars and cheats like Mark. Hehehe.

I FEAR... losing loved ones too.

I SEARCH... for the meaning of life, for some answers to my questions, for ways
of making this a better world to live.

I WONDER... if there is something wrong with me.

I REGRET... not having finished what I started when I was a teenager.

I LOVE... my nephews and nieces, myself.

I ALWAYS... make it a point to call my parents and my nephews once a week.

I AM NOT... religious but I'd like to think I am spiritual.

I DANCE... but this should be I used to dance, not anymore.

I SING... only when I'm drunk.

I CRY... when I realize that life is short and that I will eventually lose all
the people I love.

I WRITE... when I'm in the mood, when I have something to share.

I WON... a serving tray when I was in high school.

I AM CONFUSED... about life and death. Is there really life after death?

I NEED... to lose a lot of weight!

I SHOULD... exercise and eat right from now on.

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS... I hope I get enough sleep this time

I am tagging Gracie and Jomz.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hindi ko matanggap...

Hindi ko matanggap...
Gusto kong ihampas ang telepono kanina, gusto kong sumigaw.
Hindi ko lang magawang magwala kanina pero napahagulgol ako.
Bumuhos ng husto ang luha ko tulad ngayon.

Sobra ang sakit na nararamdaman ko pero pakiramdam ko manhid ako, naiiyak na lang ako pag naaalala ko.
Dapat natutulog na ako kaso di ko mapilit ang sarili ko.

Siguro naman may pag-asa pa, puwede pang gawan ng paraan.
Baka may lunas na di pa nalalaman.
Ayaw ko syang mag hirap pero di ko gustog siya'y mawala.
Puwede bang ako na lang?

Hindi ko matanggap, na dadating ang panahong hindi ko na sya makikita...