Monday, March 17, 2008

From Congratulations to Riding Hard?

A co-worker got promoted and has been transferred to a different location. Syempre, kanya kanyang batian. We all congratulated her and we are all happy for her. Nothing unusual about that. But if you read the thread of that one topic, magugulat ka paanong nag mutate from a simple congratulations to "riding high."

Let's call her Miss Empathy. Magaling sya sa mga empathy statements. She looks shy and naive and sounds like a teenager. Wag ka! She knows the ways of the world talaga. One time, the members of our account had an informal meeting with a representative from the client side. Ice breaker churky ni Mr. Client, write a sentence about yourself that no one else in the group knows and they will all try to figure out who wrote the sentence. Miss Empathy made a lasting impression on the client and our trainor, Mr. Biceps. Ang statement ng lola:

I find hentai boring.

Nagulat lahat. Si Mr. Biceps, till now ikinukuwento sa mga ibang former co-wokers namin. Nakakagulat nga naman kasi come to think of it, if hentai is boring then she must want something more hard core than that.

So ngayon, half of those who greeted Miss Empathy mentioned hentai don sa greetings nila. Pati Big Boss namin nagugulat why a lot of those who greeted her mentioned hentai. He even teased Miss Empathy that he will call IT to check her PC for hentai stuff at baka di na sya makalipat at mapromote. She reacted saying she's a big girl now, she doesn't browse for hentai. She's into S&M na. Ayan! Dami nag react to what she said. I said I can imagine her in tight black outfit with a bullwhip and handcuffs. Yung isa parang na shock apparently his imagination was really running wild. One said two piece bikini na lang, another said necklace na lang ala Rose of the Titanic.

Other's did not react at once because they probably did not know what S&M stands for. One girl, 19 pa lang sya, asked what it means, iba iba sagot. Nakakatawa talaga! Big boss suggested that we should Google the image of S&M. Loko din boss namin!

For 3 days our yahoogroup was super active. But then by Saturday morning, tumahimik na. Nagtaka ako parang biglang natameme lahat. So I decided to Google some of the stuff mentioned. Ito yung last e-mail:

Wow interesting.

Sheila share ko naman favorite namen ni papa R ha?

Do a google search of “riding hard”. Click the first link.

This is irresistible. Do this at home

After this e-mail, Miss Empathy reacted, she will Google this daw. That was the last. Wala na sumagot, wala na nag react. Dahil sa day off ko, nagkaroon ako ng chance to browse. This is what I found.

Mukhang nahimasmasan lahat ng tao after Googling "riding hard." Nyahahahaha!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Good Heavens! Good Luck!

The heat is starting to get worse! Sumasakit na ulo ko sa init. I'm worried I won't be able to get quality sleep beacause of this. Haayy.

It's my off. I was able to finish my laundry yesterday, 3 batches. Kung may pera lang ako bibili ako ng automatic washing machine para isang saksakan lang puwede ko na iwan. What I'm using now is semi-automatic. Oh well...

This morning, I was amused at the news on Unang Hirit. Erap can run again according to him. Sabi na nga ba. Kaya maingay sya kasi he's a sore loser and he wants to oust the person who took his place. Kulang siguro nahuthot nya during his term and he wants more.

I'm glad some of the people during the inter-faith rally walekd out when Erap spoke. The people who walked out showed some delikadesa. Erap had no right to speak there since he is corrupt himself. Na aliw ako when a media man from Agence France Press pratically pinpointed to Erap na mandarambong sya. Napikon daw si Erap. Hehehe. Eh diba totoo naman? He was convicted of plunder and now he wants GMA to step down so he can pick up where he left off? He's a freaking hypocrite!

I am also dismayed at what's been happening to Jun Lozada. Why is he going from school to school, town to town to campaign? Tatakbo ba sya or nagpo-promote ng pelikula? Who is funding this campaign thing of Lozada? What is his purpose? What's the real reason behind the people who are pushing him to do this? If I were Lozada, I should be wary of the people who are using him. Once he has served his purpose, he will be useless to them. No one is indispensable.

If GMA steps down. who will take her place? Laht nagkakaisa para paalisin si GMA but when asked who will take her place, nagkakagulo na, hindi na sila magkaisa. Hay naku... Lumalabas ang mga real motives.

We are a country of hypocrites talaga. Nagsisimba, nagdadasal, kunyari iniisip ang kapakanan ng taong bayan pero wag ka, may ibang motibo talaga. Ang dali nating makalimot. Ang dali nating talikuran ang ating mga pangako lalo na kung ang kapalit ng ating mga pangako ay katuparan ng ating ambisyon.

I am for the cause, but not with the system. Nadinig ko na ito dati, nung nasa college pa ako. Panahon pa ni Makoy, alam nyo naman sa UP, mahilig sa churky hehehe. Who will take GMA's place? I don't think there is anyone qualified to take her place. No one in this country can call himself morally upright. Kung meron man puwedeng pumalit kay GMA na morally upright, good luck to you!

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Dami kong natututunan sa work. Aside from work related stuff, I learn new words like churky.

May bago na naman akong nasagap. I'm not sure if this expression has been around already but I heard this first at work. The expression ber (sounds like bird minus the d).

I always hear from our expert this, "Ano ber?"
Or from one of the ladies on the floor, "Ano ka ber?"
My manager told me while we were chatting, "Anuver?"

Puwede rin anukaber, sinober, etc. It sounds kinda cute when the ladies say this. May mga bading din kaso iilan lang bading sa area namin.

I miss having gay co-workes. They add life to the office.
Maraming bading sa company pero wala sa account namin. Technical kse nature ng account namin kaya siguro walang bading. Sa ibang accounts maraming transexual at may mga transgendered(?). Natanso na ako sa comfort room, may nakachika ako, lalaki pala! Hahahaha!

What Can I Say?

I'm not really happy right now.
I'm tired and I always get headaches.
I'm disheartened by what's been happening.
Sigh... Oh well...

Saturday, March 01, 2008


I forgot to thank these bloggers who visited my blog recently:

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Tumatanda na ako. Or ganito lang epekto ng kulang sa tulog o di normal ang tulog.