Friday, January 25, 2008

Yesterday was bad, Today is better

I had a semi-shitty day yesterday.

I woke up feeling weak and tired. It was my first day and I was hormonal. Ugh! HR kept texting me about some requirements that I failed to submit earlier, I had to look for some of them.

Then as I was about to take a shower, I noticed that my right ear-ring was missing and I panicked! Pucha that piece was given to me by my Mom from the US. Diamante yata. I looked all over my room and the bathroom but I could not find it. I was thinking that if I dropped my ear-ring at home, I could still find it. But if it was dropped at work or in the cab, that's it! Goodbye hikaw. Patay!

While taking a shower the next door neighbor started taking a shower too. Natural, we had to share the resources and I ended up getting less because they were closer to the source. Buwiset! Kung kelan nagmamadali ako. Magkasunod pa sila naligo ha! And to think they were not going anywhere at 4:30 in the afternoon, day off nilang mag asawa. Of course, I could have just asked them to give way to me since I was going to work and I was almost done but I did not have the energy to ask. Siyempre I would have to go out with conditioner in my hair and in a robe and towel. Not a nice sight. Kahit tapos na akong maligo, iniwanan kong bukas ang gripo full force para mapuno yung big pail ko at mahirapan sila mag ipon ng tubig for a while. Hehehe.

After taking a shower and dressing up, I had to look around for the last time for my ear-ring. Ikot ako ng ikot. I was getting more tired moving around and not finding it. I gave up and went to work. Na late ako ng 5 mins because of this. Buti considerate ang trainer ko.

After our shift, we were sent our schedules. Since the schedule was not final and unassigned, our trainer decided to give it to our batch so we could choose our scheds. The file was sent to one guy so it's but normal he gets to read the sched first. Malas ko, I was the last to see it. They all were able to get their scheds, I ended up getting what was left. The guy who got the list of scheds wanted the same sched I wanted but he was holding the list of schedules. Nauna na raw sya and he won't give it up daw. Sabi ko I won't give up either. It came to a point where he said something like makikipag away daw sya sa akin if he doesn't get it or aawayin nya ako. I said makikipag away din ako. I was looking at the schedule but I could not focus because he kept yapping and talking noisily. He kept saying hindi sya papayag at gusto niya toss coin na lang. Susme! Kalalaking tao sasabihan ang babae na aawayin nya! Tapos kung anu ano pa sinasabi. Nainis ako so I said he can keep the sched because there is no way the issue will be resolved. He said he wanted to toss the coin with me but I refused and I started to walk away. He still kept yapping, he said magmumukha raw siyang masama. Huh? Ano ba yan?! I told him it will never be resolved that way so he can have it. I walked and never looked back (drama!).

I understand his point that he wanted the sched. Sa totoo lang ang pangit ng ginawa nilang sched because the it appears that the morning shift people has the advantage of getting a closer to normal time and days off. The night shift scheds had days off right in the middle of the week. Sino ba magkakagusto nito? Nakakainis diba? Nakakaturn off yung ko worker ko kse he was acting like a kid and he said things like aawayin ako. Kalalaki nyang tao sasabihin yon, dinig pa ng ibang agents on the flooor. Mas matanda pa ako sa kanya, he should have shown a little more respect rather that saying makikigpag away siya sa akin within the ear shot of the other people around us. Kaya ayun, walk out ang lola. Of course I showed some petulance by walking out but I'd rather give up that sched that argue loudly with him. If he feels or thinks he looks bad infront of the other people, that's not my problem anymore.

I got home exhausted physically and emotionally. I wanted to just go to sleep and forget about everything but I couldn't. I felt I needed to resolve one issue, my ear-ring. I hoped that I dropped it at home and not anywhere else. I had to sweep/clean my room and the bathroom for the last time. Pinagpag ko pa bed ko, removed my pillows and blanket and ran my palms and fingers onto the surface of the bed sheet. Walang hikaw. I shifted through the dirt and found nothing. When I finally hit my bed, I felt worse than ever. As I was sliding my hands under my pillows I was thinking, what if I suddenly feel my ear-ring under my pillow at nandon lang pala. In less than a minute, I felt something like a big piece of dirt under my pillow. It felt odd so I turned on the light to see what it was...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RIP: Heath Ledger

I saw PearlJem on googletalk with this status message. I asked her if it's true, totoo daw. Shocking! Heath Ledger dead at 28.

I felt a bit sad because somehow he reminds me of someome and it's kinda unnerving to imagine that this someone could be him.

Que lastima...

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This and That

Mari, wish ko lang magaling akong manghula. When I was in college kaya ko pero katuwaan lang, but not anymore. I'll look for a manghuhula for you.

Char, I have been listening to the Long Relax and Short Relax. I was able to resolve my sleep problem but then it seems that even when I listen to the Short Relax after lunch, nakakatulog talaga ako! Hahahaha!

I am doing some meditaion exercises again. I have some decisions to make. I'm a bit troubled right now.

Good luck to me.

Monday, January 14, 2008

4 Aces Hula (Divination)

I met up with my friend Blu this afternoon. I haven't seen her in years. She invited her former co-worker Ysa to join us. Blu broke up with her 7 year GF so we had a lot of catching up to do. During the course of the kuwentuhan, she mentioned that Ysa saw in her cards that her GF has a man in her life. Ergo, Ysa knows how to make hula (divination) using ordinary playing cards.

After a while I teased Ysa to show me how she makes hula. She uses the four Aces technique. Natawa ako. This was the kind of hulaan we did in high school. Katuwaan lang, nothing serious. I was able to learn how the hula works. Pagdating ng college, I was giving hula to my blockmates. The cards I used were half the size of the regular playing cards, in pink with a My Melody design on one side. You would think tarot cards gagamitin ko pero kuwidaw, orig na My Melody ang akin! Hehehe.

Like I said, we did it for katuwaan. Yun lang there were times medyo close to accurate yung hula ko. I never gave it much thought since I was thinking my hula was close to home due to the fact that I knew my friends well.

I haven't done the hula for almost 20 years now. For some reason, I forgot what some of the cards stood for.

I just find it amusing that there are a few people who knew how to use the 4 Aces hula. Of course, there are different nuances to ever card, different ways of interpreting the card positons, etc. Ysa's style was somewhat different from mine, even the choosing which cards to pick up first was kinda "different". But the basic principles were there.

Blu asked to be read twice then I asked Ysa to read my cards. Yung katok ko pa lang sa cards sabi nya mabigat, meaning I still have strong feelings (either love or hate) for the person. After all the seremonyas, she told me that I still have feelings for the person I knocked my cards for, he doesn't feel the same way for me though (ouch!). She saw another woman getting in the way (another ouch!) but she also saw another man who is established financially/rich whom I was considering. Ok... Not bad. Close to accurate.

Blu asked for 1 more reading. Then Ysa asked to be read by Blu since Blu already knows how to read the cards, sa dinami dami ba naman ng beses na nagpahula sya! Hehehe.

After she read Ysa's cards, I asked Blu to read my cards to check if the same thing would appear. Lo and behold! She gave me the same reading/interpretation. I never mentioned the name of the person and if I was requesting the reading for the same person but the same thing appeared. May lumabas lang about money or career but the other woman and other man with money showed up.


I will look for play cards here and do the reading myself. Hehehe.

Friday, January 04, 2008

FVR in 2010?

I was half-awake, half-asleep when the news flashed on TV. FVR may run in 2010 if Erap decides to run... Really???

FVR in 2010