Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This and That

Mari, wish ko lang magaling akong manghula. When I was in college kaya ko pero katuwaan lang, but not anymore. I'll look for a manghuhula for you.

Char, I have been listening to the Long Relax and Short Relax. I was able to resolve my sleep problem but then it seems that even when I listen to the Short Relax after lunch, nakakatulog talaga ako! Hahahaha!

I am doing some meditaion exercises again. I have some decisions to make. I'm a bit troubled right now.

Good luck to me.


Austin Pinoy said...

meyn tingnan mo latest two entries ko. hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Ngayon ko lang nakita tont post mo Ate Fions! I have the long relax on my ipod. It would help also if you had alpha sound rin na mp3 on your mp3 player!