Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sex and Consequence Part 3

The next day, the day after she sent that message, I saw Mia online and we started talking.
"Ate any news on the hilot?" she asked.
"Ay wala, 90s pa kasi yon eh and I don't know where my friend is anymore. Why don't you ask students? I'm sure there is someone who knows someone. You want to talk? May free line ka ba dyan?"
"Ay wala po. Punta na lang ako sa Singapore next week."
"Bakit sa SG? Ano meron don?" I asked.
"Don ako magpapaopera, legal abortion :-( don. May iba bang option na safe?"
"Ano sabi ng BF mo?"
"He doesn't know about this."
Ok, I told myself. "Bakit di mo sinabi?"
"I don't want him to worry."
"Hay naku! Don't you think he has every right to know?"
"Here's the thing ate--"
I cut her with, "That's his kid too! Is he still married?"
"--This thing happened before he came here... Hindi sya ang tatay, " she added.
Hmm... Interesting... "Ayus! Si Kiko?" I said that thinking that they met August last year and surely, Kiko is the type of guy who wouldn't let a chance pass.
"But we weren't officially on before sya pumunta dito eh, I wanted to wait till we met," referring to her BF.
"Well nandyan na yan. I'll ask around. When do you plan to go to SG?"
"Monday or Tuesday next week. The cost will be $800 to $1,000."
"Why don't you try Bangkok? I heard mura at maganda ang healthcare facilities and services don," I suggested.
"Wala ako nakita don eh." Then she asked, "Do you think I can still get pregnant?"
I wasn't sure how to answer this so I quoted the doctor, "Ang sabi sa akin nakakanipis ng matres at ovaries yung gamot, possible complications yan. Pero kung maayos ang abortion mo wala sigurong magigin problema. Basta walang infection or blood poisoning."
"Syet! And I had 17... Do you think may remedy pa ito? Magkakaanak pa kaya ako nito?"
I was quiet.
Then she said, "Kagagahan ko kasi eh! I'm willing to spend just to make sure nothing would go wrong anymore. Sayang ang lahi ng BF ko eh. Hehehe."
I laughed. "Bruha ka! Next time magiingat ka! Hahaha!"
"Hay naku ate pagnalaman mo kung sinong tatay baka mainis ka!"
Uh-huh... "Sino? Si Kiko?" He was the only logical choice since he was the BF who came here a few months before she met her American BF.
"It's Dindo. Syet! It only happened once, nadale pa ako!"
I was floored! "You had unprotected sex with Dindo?? What if he's sick??" Dindo actively "dates" a lot of women. He was dating a girl named Annie before he met Mia, and I'm sure he was able to get jiggy with her because he was able to convince her to use her credit card to buy once of those high tech Sony Ericsson phones on installment. Well, Annie may not have gotten pregnant but she's baon sa utang because of that cellphone he never paid. "Di mo alam kung saan nagsawsaw ang etits non!"
"Pati yon papacheck ko na rin. Syet!"
"When do you plan to tell your BF this?" This is the trickiest part, telling her BF.
"I'm planning on telling him before I leave for SG. I might bend the truth a little."
I was adamant, "Are you sure that's a good idea? You could just tell him it happened before you met him. That's the truth anyway. Tell him when it's already over."
"If I bleed now should I still go to SG?"
"Well if that happens then go straight to the ER, that's the break you've been waiting for. D&C ka na nila agad dito."
"I'm hoping for the best. Prayers katapat nito."
"You have to accept the consequences of your actions," I added.
"I know ate. Thanks ha."
I don't know why she thanked me, "Sus! Wala yon. Just keep intouch. I'll still ask around."
"Sobrang bait mo sa akin."
"Basta be good na!"

This was our last real conversation. Days later she asked me if it's possible for her to just approach a doctor and tell the doctor what she has done so he would hopefully do a D&C on her. I asked my doctor cousin and her hubby and they were shocked with her story. My doctor cousin said, "If after 17 pills and she didn't bleed then the baby is meant to be born. You can't mess with nature." In effect she wouldnt do anything to terminate the pregnancy even after 17 pills. My other cousin said she should get the abortion since the baby will definitely be born with major defects but her sister was firm on the idea that Mia should go on with it, she should face the consequences. So I texted Mia and told her that I don't think there is a doctor who would be willing to say he/she will give her an abortion.
The next msg I got from her was a few days later. She said she will be going to SG that week and she needed $1,000 for her trip but she can only spare $500 because her brother would need the money for tuition. I wasn't able to respond to that message, she sent this 2 weeks ago.

Haven't heard from her since.

(To be continued...)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sex and Consequence Part 2

I told her that I would try help her find some sort of solution for her. She thanked me in her last msg. I went online and tried to find this chatmate of mine who is a med student, specializing in Obstetrics. I told him about the situation and he freaked! He said 2 tablets would have sufficed a sure bleeding, 17 was suicide. I asked him how can that be suicide when cytotec will just induce contractions. He tried to explain it the best way he could but he was kinda "emotional" already. He said something about the pills making the ovaries manipis and that the effects of this are damaging long term. I asked him if she could still get pregnant someday and he said 70% chance she would never get pregnant anymore. Wow!

Before I proceed with my story, I would like to profile her and do a bit of backtracking. Let's call her Mia. She's around 27, single. She is smart and witty and funny and flirtly. There is nothing outstanding about her looks but somehow she carries herself provocatively especially when she chats that's why a lot of guys get really interested in her, she is what some men call "uncomplicated and easy to get along (with)." It's the sum total of her traits that make her sexy, she has a sexy mind and of course a sexy body.
Around late December or early January, I caught her online. I asked her about Kiko who arrived August to meet her. She met her in a chatroom and they got really close. There were also other guys who were interested in her but it was Kiko who won her heart because he pursued her and he did everything to meet her. Unfortunately, it didnt work out between her and Kiko, she said. Kiko decided to go back to his ex wife (yeah right what a lame excuse, he's the typical asshole who got disappointed when he saw her or just got what he wanted from her). I told her I was sorry to hear that. She said she wasn't because she met someone else.
"I met him at this site you recommended. He's an American and he serves the
US Army. He's based in Europe right now."
"That's good."
"He came here last November and he even got to talk to my parents. He plans
to take me to Europe next year, we could go meet my parents there. Would you
like to see his picture?"
She sent the pic to my email. Lo and behold! The pic shows him lying on his back and her ontop of him. "Aba, magkapatong sila! Eh di full tank ka na naman?"
She goes, "Di naman ate, di naman ako bumigay agad."
"You waited 1 hour bago ka bumigay?"
She responded, "45 minutes naman." And we both laughed.

(To be continued)


I wish I could tell the story in one sitting but the story is really long and I have lots of chores to do. Huhuhu! I hope you dear people would be patient with me. This story gets really interesting!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Sex and Consequence

2 weeks ago I got a text message from a number not in my cellphone memory. The message goes like this:
ate alam kong pagagalitan mo ko pero m desper8 na talaga. me alam kang hilot? nde pang pilay ha? :-(
I thought this was a joke at first. I asked who she is and she identified herself. Then I asked her if she had her self tested and she said she did, 7 weeks pregnant according to her Ob-Gyn friend. She took a lot of medications yet nothing has happened. This makes terminating the pregnancy her best option. I told her the hilot of my friend is in Laguna and she had her abortion around 94 so I have no way of tracking down the hilot, my friend went to Canada after the abortion. She begged me to ask around because she really can't keep the baby, she took 17 cytotec pills and she hasn't bled at all. One only needs 2 to terminate pregnancy.

To be continued...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

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