Friday, December 22, 2006

DFA probes racial profiling of Filipinos in California

I don't usually read all the news feeds about the Philippines. When I get, I just scan them. This particular feed caught my eye.
This news is about an American kid getting abducted by men whom he indentified as Filipinos:

THE Department of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday that it was investigating reports that several Filipinos in the Union City in Alameda County, California, were in an uproar after a nine-year-old American boy who escaped a kidnap attempt identified his would-be abductors as Filipinos.

A California-based Filipino community newspaper, the Philippine News, reported that the Union City Police received a phone call on December 5 from the Pioneer School Principal about a foiled kidnapping of one of the school’s pupils.

Read the rest of story here.

This news is kinda alarming. Either the kid is right, that the kidnappers are Filipinos; or the kid is wrong but "brown skinned criminals" are Filipinos.



grifter said...

i guess the kidnappers weren't of the "conyo-tisoy" kind.

happy holidays!!

HanAgiRL said...

Oh i hope not!

Anyway, happy new year! ;)