Tuesday, January 23, 2007

22 yr old killed after being drawn into deceptive cyber romance

I'm sure a lot of people have seen this image:

I was reminded of this when I read about this news of this 22 year old kid who was killed over a deceitful cyber relationship.

An 18 year old Marine who was preparing for deplyoment has been constantly chatting with a young attractive lady who sent him pictures of her, even her lingerie.
In reality, the man Thomas Montgomery is actually a 47 year old married man while the woman is in her 40s and was sending out pics of her daughter. The wife intercepted one gift coming from the woman and she sent her a letter saying Montgomery had fooled her because he's 47 and married.
The woman remembered Montgomery's co worker, 22 year old Brian Barrett, so she called him at work to ask if Montgomery is really married and all. From here on they became friends and was in constant contact with each other. Inspite of what happened between her and Montgomery, they remained friends. She even told him that Barrett's been her communicating with her on a regular basis. This got Montgomery jealous. He shot Barrett .30-caliber rifle at close range.

Here's the twist: little did both men know, this supposedly 20-something attractive lady is actually a 40plus woman sending pics of her daughter! Hah!
Montgomery's wife has filed for divorce and it seems she and her kids have left their conjugal home in suburban Cheektowaga, where Miss 40plus sent Montgomery her lingerie that got intercepted by the wife.

Strange twist of fate. This is what you get for lying and cheating. I hope Mark reads this.

News courtesy of Houston Chronicle
Image from carcino.net.nz

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