Sunday, January 14, 2007


Around 45 minutes ago, I heard someone screaming on the street. I thought the neighborhood kids were just fooling around but I decided to look a few minutes later. A young lady got robbed in the middle of this sleepy baranggay in Imus, Cavite. The robbers were riding a motorbike armed with a knife. The young lady had another lady companion but her bag was snatched from her just the same. She was carrying 50K with her. She didn't scream for help, she was just screaming. The menfolk didn't realize she needed help till it was a bit too late. They tried to run after the theives but they got away.

Grabe! Sunday 10AM in my own neighborhood. This isn't the first incidence of bag grabbing by motorbike riding theives. My next door neighbors, they were also robbed the same way but the incidents happened late at night and around 3AM.

When I first got here, I noticed people casually using cellphones while walking or on the jeep, people having cellphones dangling from their necks. Initially I was shocked kasi nga baka mahablot cellphones nila. Surprisingly wala akong nakita or narinig except for 1 incident of a cellphone nakawan in school, a grade 6 pupil brought her N90 phone to school kaya ayon, ninakaw. Anyway, I never heard of any snatching incidents till recently. First I heard happened around 3 or 4 months ago around 3AM. The lady was on her way to Baclaran to buy goods to sell. Kanina her daughter admitted getting robbed too, a few months after her mother got robbed. Call center agent kasi, so gabi sya na nakawan somewhere in Bayang Luma I think.

A local once told me that Cavite isn't a place for petty theives. Cavitenos do not tolerate theives and petty criminals. According to him people here would rather kill than steal, they say there is no honor in stealing. Mga dayo lang daw ang malakas ang loob na magnakaw dito.

People here are good are always willing to help, I hope there is a way to encourage the bayanihan spirit in Imus inorder to fight crime. Mahirap isipin na maari kang manakawan at masaktan sa loob ng sarili mong community.

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